We made it, everyone got there and back at the right times and with NO breakdowns. Fairly unusual for BUMPSTART but its true.

October 20th saw 12 nice shiny minis meet before time at the Highway Man, Dobwalls. Only 2 things were worrying me about the trip to France one being someone not turning up on time because I had everyone's confirmation and the second being Alex in France not being there to meet us. So 1 felt sick when we got to Roscoff and he wasn't there. He did arrive though a few minutes later.

The first part of the whistle stop tour took us along a beautiful stretch of road with the river running along side and the sun just rising this was absolutely stunning.

The next stretch took us along our equivalent to Dartmoor, lovely scenery when (he mist cleared. Next port of call was Pleyben, where lots of Brits living in Brittany came and said hello.

Kerjean Chateaux was next on the list and getting there for some was a bit hair-raising or at least it was for their passengers as some drivers forgot in which direction to look when pulling away and crossing junctions. (I didn't say Norman or Ben,)

We were lucky enough to be able to park right in front of the Chateaux for a photo shoot, beat that one Cornish mini Club.

Although time wasn't on our side I enjoyed the whole day, beautiful weather, a good guide, lovely scenery and having lots of the French enjoy the sight of so many minis and of course good company what else could you ask for. I hope everyone else enjoyed it to.