A very happy new year to everyone.

You’ll be very pleased to hear that I have no time or space to waffle this time and I must apologise in advance if I have left anything out. With bills for Christmas now landing on the doormats and the weather up to its usual standard and everyone I know being on a diet BUMPSTART MINI CLUB will endeavour (note the big word, and no I don’t know what it means) to find something to take part in that suits the majority (another big word).


Quite a number of us went up country to just have a look at what goes on at mini shows and quite a few of us came back nearly bankrupt. Bargains or what. Sets of mats 18.50 and a rear clubman bumper 9.00 for example. The next one which is a little closer to home is in April at Exeter, well worth a visit.


There were trophies up for grabs here and the competion was fierce. Winners were decided on highest points in the first game, highest in the second and overall highest and the winners were

1st game Bob

2nd game Dee

Overall Dee

Thank you to everyone who came along and humoured me by actually eating my HOME-MADE Christmas cake. I hope you made a speedy recovery.


This was held on the second week this month and will resort to its original 1st Wednesday time slot next month at the normal time of 8.00pm.


This Sunday coming sees the first run of the year. Fishing villages are the specialiality this time. Unfortunately after a bit of research we found that the costs of parking and ferry exceeded our budget so this year it will be raised to an average of 3.00 (sorry) but that is per car not per person. We leave at 11.00am from Victoria and although there will be a basic route handed out it will be very much follow the leader with some minis taking it in turns to lead. Flasks and sarnies may be needed as we are not sure what watering holes are open due to the time of year. I will guarantee that most people will never have known some of the places we drive through even exsisted. Please DO NOT wash your car beforehand. Well you can and we will have a good laugh afterwards.


A bit long in sorting but we now have a company that will embroider (not print) our name and the mini logo in your chosen colours, with your own name on if you choose to include postage for 13. Sizes start from S through to XXL. They will also do a minimum order of 1. White was decided as the colour for the polo shirt as it stands out and looks smart. I will bring the picture with me and if you want one I will need size, money and choice of colour for the mini logo. I think these will look very smart at the Riviera Run and Wheels etc.


We finally have held the raffle and with our subs we have over 40 in the bank and have decided to sponsor a Meerkat at the Zoo. This will get us some publicity in the form of a plaque at the Zoo with our name on and its in a good cause. And after Tamsyns impression of a meerkat we didn’t have a lot of choice.


We now have a new more permanent web site. The address being www.bumpstartmc.co.uk

This is a paid for site at 9.99 for 2 years which will come out off subs. Thank you to Anthony for sorting and maintaining this. Anthony would also like some more pictures and a little write up of members minis for the site. Also if anyone has anything interesting that they would like to share about the mini this is also needed. For example Norman has a registration document for his 4 door mini.

Andrew Cleave has also set up a WAP site and there will be more details on this in the next newsletter



"We wouldn’t let a mini metro in the club"," it doesn’t look like a mini"," it’s a BMW"," it’s ugly"," I couldn’t afford the insurance and it’s take up good space in my MINI WORLD MAG" lost against " I like it"," if it was made by Rover it would be OK" and" your only jealous because you can’t afford to buy one". And so it was decided by a reasonable majority (the same big word again) to allow anyone with a BMW mini to come along to join us because as was pointed out what makes us different from other LOCAL mini clubs is that we don’t mind the condition or customisation done to our members minis in fact we admire this and as BMW have customised the new mini it will be welcome, they might get a bit of stick but they are welcome. But I would like to point out that I have not had too many people phoning wanting to have a BUMPSTART MINI CLUB banner in their BMW windscreen.



Hero this month being a clean rag and a large can of WD40 and my electrician Les for making my headlights work that had never been wired together in the first place.

Villains being very large lorries over taking me on a very wet day on the M5 and forcing water into places that only a dry rag and a large can of WD40 could put right.!!!!!!


On the 3rd June 2002 we have been invited to join a run for this event by Mid Cornwall Insurance Brokers. I don’t have too many other details yet except it ends in Bodmin and INCLUDES LUNCH. I have replied to them saying that there are 13 minis and am now waiting to hear back from them.


Forthcoming events definitely going ahead include the Riviera Run (4th May), a Treasure hunt, another French trip, Wheels at Wadebridge, another BBQ at Cardinham and at least another couple of runs.


Possible future events include a run to Wookey and Cheddar, Dunkerswell show, a mini to be prepared for a motor sport and having our own stand at a show.

Finally (ha ha I have got some space left ) no I am only joking, we look forward to seeing you on Sunday and promise you an interesting day out.

Antidesestablishmentarism now how's that for a big word (thanks mum)

Contact on



And 01208 872347