And you thought you’d be getting a valentine message, sorry yet again.

Firstly I would like to welcome some new members who all came along to last Wednesdays meeting. Lynn and Terry (who were beaten into submission by Barry and Louise), Nicki and Richard (who finally got one night off together and decided to spend it with us, ahhh), George and Lee who were members of Norfolk Mini Club and will have valuable advice on doing things right! And finally to Sharon and Richard? Who some of us met on the last run. Thank you for coming along and I’m very sorry that there wasn’t much to say as most things had been sorted at the last meeting but hang in there because there are some interesting things happening this year.

Last Run Sunday 20th January. With the weather forecast up to speck (very cold and very wet) and despite being told not to wash the minis most people had, and with Robert leading the first part of the run there was no way they were going to stay clean. ( I would like to point out at this time that this run was to visit a few fishing villages on not too long a run just to blow the cobwebs away as we hadn’t done anything since before Christmas).

We met as usual at Roche and set off through Whitemoor, Nanpean, St.Stephens, St,Stephens Coombe, St.Mewan, Polgooth, Sticker and Hewas Water. (I am now resting my typing finger) From Hewas Water to St. Ewe, Polmassick, Gorran and into Gorran Haven for refreshments at the local Hostelry (The Llawnroc) This seems to now be a bit of a Tradition on a run to seek out and survey these kinds of places.

I (yes ME) lead the next stage through to Portmellon on into Mevagissey with a slight detour over the harbour. The gent in the ticket office got very excited when he thought he’d have more than one customer but you should have seen his face when we indicated to turn off just before his box. Gutted!!! Cruel really but very funny. Next through London Apprentice where Anthony had to refuel with Crisps, sweets etc., next to Charlestown and another mega detour down to the roundabout and back up where we added another mini to our collection driver being new member Sharon. (Another finger rest) Onto Carlyon Bay, across Par Moor, into Par on through Fowey and down to the Boddinnick Ferry.

Malc lead from across the Ferry towards Looe via Lanteglos Highway, Lanreath and Pelynt. In Looe we stopped opposite Looe Island where it was discussed what to do with a window sticker given to us from a ex member of a rival but very friendly mini club. At this stage I thought most people would be wanting to make tracks home to a roast.

Not so, with Norman now leading (word of warning, never follow Norman, if he sees a puddle or some mud he aims for it even if it is on the other side of the road) we headed back into Looe onto Seaton, Downderry, Portwinkle, Crafthole, Freathy, Rame, Cawsand (to see where Willy had grounded , only we couldn’t because of the fog and if we had waited another day we could have had a bounty of wood to built ourselves a garage each) and to Cremyll and then from Cremyll, Millbrook, St.John, Anthony and Torpoint, across the ferry through Plymouth to the Tamar Bridge and back into Cornwall, under the Saltash Tunnel, Notterbridge, Landrake, Tideford and finally came to rest at Trulefoot. And the next time my husband sees fit to write up a detailed map of where we went and insists every place is mentioned I might suggest that he does it himself.

But like I said just a little run to blow the cobwebs.

Wooky Hole Several members showed an interest in this venue when it was suggested, so THIS WEEKEND (plenty of notice as usual) Sunday 17th February we will be paying Wooky a visit.

We leave ASDA Bomin at 8.00am. Wookey is open from 10.30am, hopefully we’ll be there before closing. The cost does exceed our usual budget, but with a group discount Adults will be 5.40 and children about 4.00. Not too bad for a whole day out. Please give a ring if you have any questions.

New Aquisistion As many of you will have seen, Malc has a new Mini. Well it’s not really a mini mini in total length is 32.5 feet. Just the right length for the banner at shows. Brought from Wellington it is the longest mini in Britain and if anyone has any smart ideas about building another one but bigger we have some ideas for making it even longer if needs be. It’s name is Yorkie. Most of the time it will be without its trailer so if you want to see it in it’s full glory then it is in the Mini Magazine this month.

Tee Shirts These are also now making an appearance, they seem to be of a very good quality material and the embroidery it’s elf is of a very high standard. From ordering to receiving takes about 4 days. If you are interested let me know.

Riviera Run At the next meeting I will know how much for camping at Newquay for anybody that is interested. Although most people did seem to be. We will be holding a BBQ on the Saturday night at Newquay for those that can’t stay for the weekend and numbers would be appreciated. The reason for sorting this out now is that I will be away for 3 weeks before this event and will be back only 3 days before this weekend.

WAP Andrew Cleave has kindly set up a WAP site for us. This can be seen by people with the right enabled phone. The address for this is WWW.WAPDRIVECOM/BUMPSTART.MC/#INDEX

HEROES AND VILLAINS Heroes this month being Roy-El Embroidery. Most of the details were sorted over the phone and when the last 2 orders were placed the goods were on my doorstep only 2 days later. Superb service.

Villains this months are the pigeons and seagulls in the multi-storey car park St.Austell. Never park on the Argos level over looking the Night Club. Within half an hour my shinny blue mini had turned into a nasty shade of mottled grey and white.

Thats all I have for this month so I’ll either see you this Sunday or at the next meeting which is 6th March. 8.00pm as usual.


P.S. Quite an impressive amount of contact addresses and numbers now don’t you think.

P.P.P.S Can we have some more photos for the members page please.




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