While my editor and dictator (oops sorry Malc) director is finally off the PC I will attempt to write yet another absolutely astounding BUMPSTART Newsletter.
I do hope you are all impressed with the graphics, thanks to Daz we now have a whole range of different things that I really don't understand, loaded.  In fact Daz will probably be amazed not at the graphics but that I was actually able to use them !!!!
Without further ado I will now fill your mind and thoughts with recent and future events affecting our brilliantly run and most exciting BUMPSTART MINI CLUB. No I haven't gone mad it's just now the newsletter gets posted on our Web Page I'd thought I'd encourage a few new members.
Wookey Hole
Malc and myself actually arrived at the meeting venue early for once and after a few minutes the next ones to arrive were Sharon and Chris playing a lovely tune of
Dixie, thinking this was a bit over the top at this time in the morning I was amazed to see as soon as they ground to a halt they jumped out of the mini and ripped out the remaining wiring to their horns and recited how the horns played all the way from Gorran Haven to Bodmin if and when they felt like it.
Taking it in turns to lead (the one who lead was the one that had the fastest run at the next hill) we made really good time.  Wookey Hole was fairly quiet and we had a very good guide who stunned all the children into near silence by telling them about the witch who liked kids wearing trainers.
After lunch it was decided a run through the Gorge was in order.  Unfortunately Phoebe had other ideas.  Two miles down the road she refused to budge.  This brings me to first of our Heroes for this month.
Hero being the RAC man who had the right set of points to get her going again.  Unfortunately he wasn't called until about 2 hours later when we had exhausted our own supplies of points and distributors. By which time it was getting dark and very cold and us very hungry again.  So just for a change we thought we'd stop at Macdonald's.  How ever through Phoebes breakdown some of us did learn some tricks of the trade like where to put a piece of wire with a bulb attached,where not to put a screw driver, some very rude swear words even ruder jokes and that mini drivers around Wookey don't stop.
We will one day go through the Gorge and maybe then to Western for the day. 
WestPoint Exeter
The Show Associates thought it be a good idea to CANCEL this event.  Apparently they couldn't justify the cost of the hall for it.  Swine's.  Did they not know that since last November us deprived of many mini parts dealers in Cornwall were coming up to spent a fortune.  So instead several of us that need parts and bits will be putting in an order somewhere together to save on postage.  If you need anything please let us have a list ASAP.  I am sorry about the short notice but it's not my fault this time.
I have contacted both Mini World and Mini Magazine about running a feature on us and given them our website to look at so we need members photos and lots of them please.
T-Shirts and Banners
Anyone that has ordered either of the above I now have them here and I will bring them to the Treasure hunt unless you want them before, in this case come and get them.
Treasure Hunt  24th March
I will now openly admit (yes Anthony you can smile to yourself) that I did not have any clue as to the amount of hard work that goes into working out a Treasure Hunt and I didn't give Anthony anywhere enough credit for working out the last one.  But I have done it, I think.  It is no secret that it will be over Bodmin Moor and ending at Cardinham for a BBQ but this will make it hopefully enjoyable for all the family including children and dogs.  The only fee is for the entry for one of the clues (1 each) and parking at Cardinham (I can't remember how much but pence anyway) and don't forget charcoal and sausages for afterwards. 
We will meet at the Highway Man Inn at Dobwalls 9.30am for a 9.45am kick off.  Please have enough petrol as there aren't any stations on the moors.  You may also find a pen useful for writing down answers to questions and a plastic bag for Treasure found. 
It was decided that Maverick Minis could be invited and they have taken up our invitation and from what I can gather there will be several of them so please if you can make it please come along for moral support.
Rivera Run
I am still having difficulties getting too many details about this and will hopefully have more at the next meeting.
Metro Bangers
As some of you know my family races at Westworld near Newquay.On the 3rd of June 2002 there will be a meeting for teams of 4 Metro Bangers.  Someone suggested that it would be a good idea for the mini club to take up this challenge.  We have the storage and work space for 4 metros so all we need now is 4 metros for nothing, 4 drivers, lots of mechanics, steam tanks, H frames, big cans of paint etc.  This will be discussed more at the next meeting. 
More Heroes and Villains
This comes from Georgina -Villains. The PIG or SOW that stole her distributor cap and Rotor Arm etc from her parked mini.
Hero-also from Georgina-DSN for supplying next day delivery on an internal bonnet release kit and Lee for fitting it.  (These only cost 17)
Villain- the person or persons who said hey look you have a wire off here to Phoebe. 
Next Meeting
This is on 3rd  April at 8.00pm.
Sales and Wants
Anthony our Web master has agreed to set up a web page for this purpose.  This will invlove a lot of work so if anyone has anything for this page please let Anthony have all details at or before the meetings and please have a contact number that you are prepared to have put on the internet (or e-mail address).
After all that stimulation to your brain cells (not) it only leaves me to say that if you can make the Treasure Hunt then please do if not see you hopefully at the next meeting.
Jean 01208 872347
E-mail bumpstart@btinternet.com