Bumpstart Mini Club

April 2002

Hi Everyone

Well the sun is out; the pollen count is rising, so this can only mean one thing …it’s time for my annual holiday. I am away for a couple of weeks, so if you need to know anything, or to pass on a message you can contact Tamsyn on TEL: 07980 855853. Tamsyn knows most of what is going on, so you should find her to be very helpful. Also I would like to say hello to two new members Chris Lobb who attended the Treasure hunt and Aprils meeting. Also a hello to Chris Millbank who is building a shortened mini. We have a contact number for anyone who would like to see his progress so far.

Heroes and Villains

We start this time with Villain of the Month being Victoria Inn (Our usual meeting place). I rang as usual to say "Hi Jean here from Bumpstart Mini Club, just to that you know we will be at yours as usual to night." For someone to say "Who." So after explaining again who I was and speaking to someone else, they told me that they were very busy tonight so could we give it a miss? So this brings us onto our Hero of the Month being Rock Inn at Roche. I rang them and asked if it was possible for us to meet at their place and they said that they would reserve some tables for us. So it was put to a vote and everyone decided to make this our new meeting place for the foreseeable future. They are very approachable and accommodating so come along to the next meeting and see for yourself.

If anyone needs directions for Rock Inn at Roche, give me a ring on my usual telephone number.

Treasure Hunt

Sunday the 24th of March saw our 1st Treasure hunt of 2002.

No longer were certain residents to be living in fear of the Beast of Bodmin Moor but of the unmistakable misfiring of over 20 minis thundering across the Moors. Maverick mini’s were also invited and turned up in force. I myself organised the route (so yes I get the blame) to be taken and decided on the questions to be answered and the treasure that was to be found. (It was a good job I put on top of the paper that my answers were final.)

20 odd Mini’s and a Escort (Hi Daz) left from Dobwalls car park only to find that they could not answer the very 1st question. You see, what happened was, the sign I looked at to find the length of Siblyback Lakes Dam was taken down two days before hand and replaced with a new one, which did not have the length of the dam on it, so no one got it right. Anyhow the mini’s continued on there way, thought St Cleer and then to the Hurlers at Minions. Where I asked a simple question (how many stones are still standing over 18" high?) I think some off you counted every stone on Bodmin moor. Anyhow from there the mini’s made their way to Jamaica Inn. You were only meant to visit Mr Potters Museum and answer a simple question. Not to fill up with liquid refreshment. (Some even had to change drivers at this point) Anyhow with a slight disagreement on how many acres Colliford Lake covers and what telephone box was the right one eventually all the mini’s and the Escort reached Cardinham wood for the BBQ.

Two of Maverick minis had wooden spoons for last place, but we had a draw for 1st place between Emma & Richard and Anthony. Emma and Richard who took home the trophy won the tie- breaker. There was even a disagreement about the tiebreaker question but like I said my answers are FINAL.

Keith from Maverick won the runner-up Trophy. Thank you to Maverick for making the effort to join us, and hopefully we’ll get together again soon.

Riviera Run

The Riviera run is the 4th 5th & 6th of May but some of our members are camping on the 3rd as well. The price per person is 25 to camp from 12noon on Friday the 3rd till Monday morning. If you pay on entry you save your self-4 booking fee. On Saturday night we are going to have a BBQ for our members so even if you are not camping still come a long. We will pay a couple of pound each to help pay for the food. This should be a good weekend with lots to do, including Trade Stands, Completions and lots of Bragging (only by other clubs of course)


Wheels 2002

This is a Vintage Rally held at the Royal Cornwall Show Ground at Wadebridge on Sunday the 14th of July. Those of you who entered last year should be receiving a form shortly. If you don’t give me a call and I will send you one. Anyone who has any spare ones please bring them to the next meeting.

Circumnavigating Cornwall

Since doing the mini runs in and around Cornwall, we have all managed to see more of our beautiful county. But there's still plenty more to see so we are attempting to circumnavigate Cornwall in a weekend. There will also be an overnight stay at a campsite. Detail still to be finalised but the date will be the 22nd & 23rd of June.

2nd Birthday plans

After circumnavigating Cornwall we will be going to the Meadery in Newquay to celebrate Bumpstarts 2nd Birthday. We need numbers as soon as possible Please.



New for this year is a banger meeting. West World Raceway is holding a Metro team banger meeting and Bumpstart mini club is taking part. Chris lobb and his Dad have donated 3 Metros so we only have to find one more car. We have two drivers already so we need to more volunteers. Those of you who would like a go put down your name soon to avoid disappointment. This will take place on Monday the 3rd of June. We will also need lots of help to get the metros ready, including electric’s and painting.


Next Meeting

This will take place at THE ROCK INN AT ROCHE ON WEDNESDAY THE 1ST OF MAY AT 8 O’CLOCK and not at the Victoria Inn.

Web Site

Anthony is making a mailing list for our web site to let us know of any new updates. Also he still needs more pics of your minis for the members page.


Tel: Jean 01208 872347

Tel: Tamsyn 07980 855853

E-Mail bumpstart@btinternet.com

Web site www.bumpstartmc.co.uk

Wap site www.wapdrivecom/bumpstart.mc/#index