I thought if I send you an interim newsletter to cover very recent past and forthcoming events it will save you having to read so much needless babble in the next.

So to all the new members yes unfortunately this is the kind of so-called intelligent information sent to you from BUMPSTART most months.

Last Meeting

This was very well attended and most of the itinerary was do with the Riviera Run, except for the Wheels Forms, which I will send off now.

And the Meerkat from Newquay Zoo which we have sponsored. Its name was chosen for us by the Zoo and is appropriately called Austin.

And the Big Sheep Event of which there will be more details at the next meeting.

And METRO BANGERS. More about this further down the page.

Oh yes, and circumnavigating Cornwall, more on this further down the page as well.


Riviera Run

If I forgot to mention anyone’s name in this section I apologise now, if it hadn’t been for so many different people helping in different ways it would not have been such fun.

Thanks to Nicky and Richard P for arriving so early and securing us a good site, and to Richard again for putting numerous tents and assembling everything else. Thanks to Chris L for bringing along Saturday’s nosh. (The supplier lives next door to him.) Thanks also to Chris T for doing a wonderful job on the BBQ very much appreciated. Anthony also for taking so many pictures and a big thank you to everyone that came along, especially the new members Chris, Nick and Rob (sorry my mistake Rob belongs to other one but although he didn’t turn up at the BBQ he was at least friendly!)

*Also thanks to the group of yobs from Wellington who nearly were glad of the fact they had driven on to the site because if they had carried on the they were they would not of been able to walk off it. Any one wanting to know more about this ask Malc, Chris and Andrew but not Rob as he probably doesn’t remember much at all.

Sundays show saw Sharon’s and Nickys minis entered and very good they looked to, unfortunately they didn’t win, but I thought they should have. Mind you I wouldn’t have wanted to be a judge on that day, there was certainly a lot of inspiration available. Trade stands sorted a few of our bank accounts out, but it was nice to be to haggle a little and not have to pay postage. The Sunday afternoon run was very good fun and well received by all the villages driven through. If nothing else it was loud. It was also really nice to see Steve and Gavin again.

The BBQ proved to be very popular, 12 members couldn’t make it so you can how much the club has grown in just 2 years. We also recruited some new members from the show the first one being Ian Walton. We look forward to seeing you soon Ian. Another 2 lads who don’t have a club near them are going to try and set one up and have promised to camp with us next year.

With enough scrag ends of grub left over from the weekend another BBQ was had on the Sunday night. Its amazing what you can throw on a grill. 2 day old sausages and jacket spuds *water balloons etc but I don’t think anyone has food poisoning.

Morning saw the cleaning up operation, how did we make so much mess in just 2 days?

With everything eventually packed away, we all started the cars or least tried to. Mine for a change wouldn’t and although I was offered lots of help I thought I would simply call the RAC!!!

VILLIANS- the RAC response unit (up country somewhere) because after 41/2 hours and 7 phone calls later they finally turned up. I left the site at 4.15pm.

HERO- the RAC engineer who managed to solder and get going a rusted out ignition module.

They only other thing that I should point about the weekend is that we were so lucky with the weather it was mainly lovely warm sunny days and then dropped to –2degrees at night even with Claire’s Hot Water Bottle. Next year everyone should take duvets as well. It took another 2 days for me to defrost.


Metro Bangers

This event is to be held on June 3rd. This is a team of 4 event and we now have 4 metros provided by Chris Lobb and his father Jeff (thank you both) we also have 4 WILLING Drivers they being Chris L, Rob, Andy S and George we would like at least 1 more as a reserve. Overalls and helmets will be sorted. Daz has offered paint and sign writing will also be ready. Now what we need is 3-H frames, 3 steam tanks or mini radiators, any hoses, and anything suitable for making distributor guards. And of course some help in preparing the metros. The first round of help is required for this Saturday 18th of May. Any time from 10.00am at my residence. It doesn’t matter what kind of help you can offer. (If anyone is prepared to use his or her own tools please do, as mine are very limited. The good news is that we only have to prepare 3 metros and what doesn’t get finished this Saturday can be finished the following week. I hope to see some of you at the weekend.

Circumnavigating Cornwall

This is happening on 22/23rd of June. Tamsyn and Andrew are arranging the route. It’s an ideal opportunity to see a lot of our county in a short space of time. Saturday night will include BUMPSTARTS 2nd birthday probably at the Meadery in Newquay costing around £10 per person (but this optional) Camping on the Saturday night will be at Port Issac and will cost £2 per person (this is also optional). I will need numbers for the meal and the campsite ASAP or NOW which ever is sooner.

A lot of members are showing interest in this event and things need to be booked quickly to ensure enough room. The more the merrier.


Now I bet you’re pleased that this is not a full newsletter.

If anyone has parts for the metros etc, or can let me know that they can definitely make Saturday please ring

Jean 01208 872347

Or e-mail bumpstart@btinternet.com


See you soon