Bumpstart Mini Club

June 2002

Busy Busy, Busy

I think that it was probably the right thing to do when I sent you an interim Newsletter, otherwise you would by now have enough paper to decorate your whole bathroom.

Firstly an apology for such a late Newsletter, the excuse this time is, well actually I canít think of an excuse that you would believe, therefore Iíll just grovel instead.

Just before you lose interest in this lovely piece of A4 , well written document Iíll get straight to the main reasons for writing this in the first place.

Jubilee Run

Monday of the Jubilee Bank Holiday saw the club split 2 ways for the day. Some members and their minis went on a lovely run around North Cornwall. Starting from The Inn for All Seasons, the run took in Falmouth, St.Mawes, Tregony and through Newquay to Bodmin with a stop at Kestle for lunch. The weather turned out lovely for the 60 odd British Cars some in full Jubilee Regalia, and the day ended with a show and shine for the vehicles and prizes for the fancy dress of the passengers. Main features remembered from the day were the really warm welcome received and best of all a grounded MG on the King Harry Ferry. Thanks to Barry for reporting back.


Metro Bangers

On the same day some of the other members went banger racing at St.Columb. Armed with no spares other than 12 spare wheels, 3 sledge hammers and a compressor, not much of an idea and 4 fairly willing drivers, we set about showing the big boys how it was done.

After the first race the words Ďevilí and Ďon purposeí were uttered rather a lot, after the second race unfortunately the language went spiralling down hill. At one point we were actually running 1st and 2nd place in a race, but yet again the bigger boys got just a little to boisterious, dear of them. Hit of the day surely must of go to Rob who received the most almighty hit from the rear and shortened his Metro by half. (Pictures will shortly be on the web site) I would like to say thank you to everyone who help with the prep of the cars for the day, all the members that drove and helped on the day and the amazing support from outsiders on the day. And to Georgina, Andy, Chris and Rob if you fancy doing it again.........

Big Sheep 15th &16th June

This event was cancelled last year due to the Foot and Mouth outbreak, so this year is a 1st for this event. It is a 2 day mini event with trade stands and shows on the Saturday and a great run organised for the Sunday around attractions in Devon. As this is a brand new event several members have decided to attend and we will be going on Saturday 15th just for the one day( yes this Saturday).

Please come along and take a look, entry to the show is just £3 . We meet at ASDA Bodmin for 8.00am start. Please, please if you would like to come along as a group let me know as soon as you receive this so we donít leave without you.


Just in case you had forgotten itís our birthday. Doesnít time fly. We started 2 years ago with 12 members and if you remember the last BBQ you can see how its grown. Wonderful.

To celebrate our Birthday it was decided months ago to do a run, but not just any run but a Circumnavigating Cornwall run. The route has now been planned and it will take 2 days to complete staying completely within the boundries of the county but along the coastline. Camping for the Saturday night is at Port Isaac at £2 per Person. Also for the Saturday night is a meal is planned (with a budget of £10 in mind) for our Birthday Party and of course a Birthday Cake. This was originally to be held at the Meadery but for some reason despite me leaving 2 messages on the answer phone they still havenít replied, so for those members coming for just the meal I will let you know where it will be in the next few days.

The run will start at Carlyon Bay near the Saturday St.Austell at 8.00am Saturday 22nd of June.( Yes afterwards) You should take a packed lunch for the first day.

You can of course do just the one day if your time is limited but I do need to know now for numbers for the campsite and meal if you havenít already let me know. If the weather holds up it should be a fantastic weekend, not just for the reaction to minis from people but to get to see areas of this county that we didnít know even existed.





Wheels 2002 July 14th

The entries for this show have all been sent off and the tickets should arrive shortly. Entry to this event is free and last year which was our first time there, we found it a very good event. All sorts of clubs, stands and a car boot were there and all in aid of charity.

If any members didnít fill in a slip donít worry we will have some spare tickets and for those that canít make it Ďplease send your minis anywayí .

Future events

Enquiries are being made about the North Devon Mini Register Run for August.

Any one interested in Go-Karting please let us know and weíll organise another night for this.

And finally several members thought it would be a good idea to try out the food at our meeting place and if anyone has a date or reason in mind for this let us also know about this. Maybe we could have a meal for the launches of the 5 minis currently being built by Chris, Chris, Daz, Richard, Andy and Andrew.


Does anyone remember the tale of how far a 1000cc petrol driven mini can go whilst running on Diesel? At the moment the record is held by Rob who managed approx. 2 Ĺ miles but, last week he had a challenger. Well done Nick, although he didnít beat the record he did try.

Ands also good luck to all those that are currently taking exams, at least theyíll soon be

See You All Soon


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