Bumpstart Mini Club
We are getting a lot of telephone calls regarding Wheels 2002, so instead of a news letter I thought I would send you a note just about the show for now. 
Wheels 2002 is this Sunday (14th July).
All late entries (even the people that came along for the first time last Wednesday are able to show their minis) have been accepted except for the ones that were to be towed out on trailers.  This is due to the limited space available.  The show has grown a lot since last year and weather permitting the attendance by stall holders and individuals is expected to be very good.
Mr Buchanan (the Organiser) would like us organised on site by 9.00am, if you think that's early the stall holders are to be their by 7.30am ouch!
Because not everyone has tickets those that do need to lead so that we are kept together, therefore it would be easier if everyone could meet at Tescos Supermarket in Wadebridge.
Directions as follows
From the South (From Lands End)
Take A39.  Drive past Royal Cornwall Showground and take the first turning on the right. Drive past the service station and take the first right in to Tescos Carpark.
From the North (From Devon)
Take A39.  Just before the showground take a left drive past the serive station and take the first right into Tescos carpark.
To meet for 8.45am. Please
We will be taking a BBQ and charcoal to the show, hopefully the rain will hold enough for us to be able to use it.
Please  feel free to take along burgers etc to cook for yourselves.
Last year we decided to make a theme for the minis just to add a little interest. so this year it has been decided to have the theme based on the year of registration of your mini. 
Using the internet, newspaper records or libary etc find out about news events or the main event that happened in the year your car was first registered.  For example in 1976 saw the start of SwapShop,Starsky and Hutch and also Concord first came into service.Print or stick it to a sheet of A4 card or paper.  Any memorabilia from that year can also be included Mugs,photos etc.
Prizes will be given for the most interesting and informative or most original at the next meeting.
The Judge has not been decided on yet, but they will have no connection with the mini club.  This will make everyone eligible to enter.  Please have the year written at the top of the page.
Also needed is a brief history of your mini written up for the parade, we have no idea whose minis will be in the parade this is down to the organisers on the day.
Last years show was very good and this years should be even better.  We look forward seeing everyone there that can possibly make it. 
 If anyone needs further info please phone or e-mail me. 
Jean 01208 872347 or
Please let me know if you can definitely make it,  so we don't leave without you.