Bumpstart Mini Club

Newsletter July 2002

Just a few weeks ago a Mini Club up country asked if we did much as a Club because they were having trouble finding things to do together and getting the numbers to take part. I quickly guestimated how many miles we would cover and how many members we would see over the time from the end of June to the end of July. The Mini Club from up country then did a quick tally for them. Considering they are based in a city they would do only a fraction of the miles and see less than halve the members and fit in only one of the events. Not that we would want to do everything in the last few weeks that we have but I think we can class ourselves as a success compared to some of the more established Mini Clubs.

And now I have done the grovelling for this month onto the review so far.

Ewed never believe it.

The Big Sheep

We all arranged to meet at the Asda car park Bodmin 8 oíclock sharp. All had arrived except for Claire. Asda had just opened so I went in to get a few snacks for the journey. I came out just in time to see a Fire engine and 2 police cars zoom past with lights flashing. Knowing about my sisters infatuation with St.Dennis fire-fighters I made some comment along the lines of "I bet thatís for Claire."

At the same time I noticed Malcolm was missing. "Whereís he gone? " I asked, only to be told heíd had a phone call from Claire. She got smoke coming out of her engine. OOPís why canít I learn to keep my mouth shut. Anthony and I also went to help, to find Claire moaning that the Firemen were more interested in Malcís mini then putting out the fire in her mini. Anyhow all that was wrong with her mini was the oil pipe that runs to her oil gauge had split and oil was pouring onto her manifold. I took out my tool bag and Anthony mended the pipe. We returned to the car park and we set of for The Big Sheep.

On our way at last. Tamsyn leading and the rest of us in hot pursuit. We got all of a mile and a half before my mini came to a halt in the middle of the road. All the miniís behind me came to a stop, but all the miniís in front were to busy tying to keep up with Tamsyn to notice me. Chris, Sharon and Malc fixed my mini and of we set to play catch up. (When you put tools back in to your boot, place them, not chuck them in like Iíd done. Right on top of my battery and shorted my mini out.) We missed our turning and sailed past the rest of the miniís that had parked up waiting for us. By the time we realised we were about 5 miles away and on the wrong road. So after a few phone calls we all met up at Longstone service station. The rest of the journey to The Big Sheep was pain free and a pleasant trip to Bideford.

The show was down on numbers because or the England v Denmark game. Itís a shame that mini owners in the west country moan that itís so far to go to shows, so when someone tryís to change that no-one can be bothered to attend. Good job that we turned up.

Malcís Austin Artic Mini was entered for the wackiest mini and Claireís and Juneís minis for the rust bucket. Judging was to start at 4oíclock, so at 3.30 we returned from the coffee shop to watch the judging when someone had a bright idea and said, "right lets all enter our miniís to help boost the numbers in the show." Several entered the Show and Shine, with our miniís looking like theyíre had just came from a rally- cross meeting. (Mud and grass everywhere.) Needless to say none of us won but the mini that did deserved too. Malcsís mini won 1st in the wackiest mini with some competition from an orange mini van. But the biggest shock of the day came in the rust bucket category. Neither Claire nor June won. But may I say the mini that did, deserve it. It was a heap.

Hopefully the Big Sheep will be better supported next year by other local mini clubs.


Circumnavigating Cornwall

Armed with only breakdown cover and The Tamsyn and Andrew Knowledge of the County we set out to cover the whole of the outskirts off Cornwall in just 2 days. I think some of us were thinking lovely long drive sightseeing the coast and familiarising ourselves with Cornwall. Not what actually turned out be the Open Rally Championship with dips and inclines, narrow roads (more like footpaths in places) and blind bends that would scare even Colin McRae and his friends.

Leaving from Carlyon Bay across Boddinnick Ferry on towards Looe and Torpoint. Then across country past Callington towards Bude keeping very close to the Tamar and down the coast towards Port Issac where we set up camp for the night. We treated ourselves to meal to celebrate our 2nd birthday complete with a birthday cake made by Richards Father.

The Cake

My fault really, I asked for a cake for the 2nd birthday of BUMPSTART MINI CLUB With blue writing and something appropriate for decoration. (Richards father doesnít know anything about us or minis.)

And indeed a very large white iced cake complete with blue writing was unveiled, complete with a large shiny blue mini mounted on top. Nothing wrong with that except it was a large shiny blue BMW. I removed the BMW and we ate the cake anyway. Very nice tasting it was too.

Back to Circumnavigating Cornwall


The second morning saw us heading through Newquay, Portreath and St.Ives and down to Lands End. Around this area I was going to mention a close encounter of the BMW kind but thought better of it so I wonít. After the customary Mac Donaldís, working our way back up the coast we past through Mullion and the Lizard through Falmouth to a dead end, back out of Falmouth through Penryn across King Harry Ferry to St.Mawes up around Gorran, through Mevagissey and back to the starting point.

22 hours it took in total, around £25 in petrol and a complete set of brakes shoes each. Not bad really for a whole weekend of fun. As for the usual break downs THERE WERENíT ANY the closest we got to one was Crème Egg getting a little warm and a drop of water sorted that.

Thanks to everyone that took part and especially to Tamsyn and Andrew for planning the route.


The Last Meeting

What a mess I made of that. (Again I know) The meeting got under way, then most of the men went outside to see a new members mini*, We started again and then got a phone a phone call to go outside and see another members mini* so most of us went to have a look. There were now 18 minis outside.

Apart from the regulars there was also Georginas newly acquired Elf, a yellow and white Mary Quant belonging to Dawn. Also Scotts mini with 10" wide wheels, a R-reg. Cooper with Union Jack roof called Little Red Devil owned by Jason and Damiens Pewter City also made its meeting debut.

*I would like to say hello and welcome to Scott, Jason and Dawn who came along to the last meeting and apologise for not being more organised and just to say that we would love to see you any time that you can make it.


Eventually we restarted the meeting again although by this time we had now filled the bar to bursting and I had to repeat any news several times over in different areas of the bar.

It was decided that for the next meeting we would try out the menu at the Rock Inn that we have been dribbling over for the last few meetings and have our meeting in the restaurant. Their prices are very reasonable. If at the last meeting I didnít mark you down and you would still like to eat then please Tele the Rock and ask them to add your name to the Bumpstart list for 7/8/02. The Tel number is 01726 890710. We will also be making a few presentations on that evening.



Go-karting was also decided on at the meeting and this has been arranged for 16/8/02 at 7.00pm at Powerhouse Cambourne. The price will be £15 pp and includes 30minutes of driving. Overalls and helmets are also provided. This is for over 16s and I must confirm numbers at the latest at the next meeting.

Also at the next meeting I will have to ask for any money still owed for T-shirts, fleeces etc to be paid. I pay for any items out of my own pocket and need to balance my books. Thank you.

Wheels 2002

We had an excellent turn out of minis, thank you to everyone who came along and I hope you all enjoyed the day. We received a lot of attention and many people were amazed at the variety of minis that our stand in particular was showing. Four more minis were recruited at the show and hopefully they will be along to the next meeting. One of the minis was from Tamworth and is now sporting a Bumpstart sticker to show off around the Midlands.

Only 4 minis were allocated to join the parade and the ones chosen were done so because they had not entered last year and to show the variety and idividuallity of minis, which it did.

A member of the Cornwall Morris Minor club, Mrs Adrianne Watt judged the History competition, which many of you entered, and I have the results, which will be given at the next meeting. Several people did say that they found it interesting looking up information and several didnít say anything.

I think the most memorable incident of the day has to go to my Husband Malc. It was an absolute clinker.

Whilst putting up the Banner on the poles the first pole knocked into place just right, the second pole positioned and was then hit with Malcs very gentle force went straight through a water pipe. Brilliant!

A special thanks on this day has to go to Anthony for yet AGAIN going off to see if George and lee needed help when the Fan Belt broke on the Elf on the way to Wheels thanks again. And a special mention to another mini club who did not stop to even see if they could help a broken down Elf (yes the same reliable Elf) on their way home from the show.


And Finally

I have news just in that Claires dear mini has finally met its maker and is on the way to a Henry Orchards in the sky thanks to Rob. Apparently after exiting a sharp bend he had a choice of three, a double Decker, a post van or a wall. Although the wall would he chose hurt less people it didnít do a lot for the mini. RIP.

And Finally Finally

Please give the Rock Inn a ring if you wish to eat at the next meeting and do think about the Go-karting itís very good fun. We look forward to seeing you at the next meeting. (7th August 8.00pm)


Contact on 01208 872347

E-mail bumpstart@btinternet.com

Web site www.bumpstartmc.co.uk

Wap site http://www.tagtag.com/bumpstartmc

Next Meeting at the Rock Inn Roche on the 7th August 2002