Bumpstart Mini Club
September 2002
Welcome back to all you lucky people that have been taking a well deserved break away.  Well now its back to work and college.   So lets see if in my capacity as newsletter writer I can’t cheer you up again.  (I doubt it) Please find below a few extracts taken from a mini web site that will be appropriate to some of us.
You know you a Mini enthusiast when
 You always park facing down hill.
 You get into a car and are NOT surprised to find, a spare battery tool kit that fills half of the boot and a slightly singed instrument panel.
 You actually like the smell of WD40
 And finally, You call the RAC and they recognise your voice.                                                                                                                             
The Last Meeting
It was lovely to see so many regulars there without the aid of a newsletter and it was great to see another new face in the shape of Theresa.  The French trip date was decided on, more for sales were read out, a future trip from Blackpool tower to the Eiffel Tower mentioned, and a treasure hunt finalised.
Treasure hunt
The date for this is Sunday 15th September 02 that’s this Sunday.  The start is at 10.30am at Tescos carpark in Wadebridge.  There will be trophies up for grabs again and BBQ facilities available for afterwards, all you need is a pen and some grub.      Andrew Cleaves has sorted this hunt and I have no details about the course at all.  Should be good fun as always.
French Connection
October 12th 2002 sees the departure of BUMPSTART MINI CLUB to foreign parts again.  We leave on the Saturday night and return on following day and should back at home unloading duty free by 11pmish. You can if you wish book your own tickets on the number below alternatively I can book them for you but I will need cash up front as I’m still paying for Mexico and am currently brassic.  The costs are as follows £25 for your mini.  £15 per person and because we have an evening crossing you will need a seat at a cost of £1.50 per person.  If you do want me to book your seats I will need money at the latest by Sunday 15th at the treasure hunt.  I will of course give you a receipt.
A different route has been planned and at the moment Norman will be leading.  A visit to another Chateaux is hoped for and if there are no supermarkets open then a visit to a wine bin will be instead.  Your insurance should cover you for 3rd party in France please check if you are in doubt and please check that you have a valid passport.
We were very well received in Brittany last year and I see no reason why it shouldn’t be even better this year.

The Web Site
Anthony has kindly created a for sale and a wanted page on the web site.  We have several things on the for sale page but if anyone has anything mini related for sale or parts that they need let us know and this can be added.  A description and a contact number or a e-mail addresss are all that is needed.
I have received an order for more T-shirts so if anyone else would like one I need to know ASAP.  There was a problem with delivery last time and so I would like to allow plenty of time on this order.
2 minis are being sort for different members any thing considered around the £800-£1000 mark so long as they are worth at least £3000.   If anyone knows any good quality minis for sale please let me know.  Must be roadworthy.
Luckily for everyone not a lot happened in August for the Mini Club so this newsletter is a little briefer.  If anyone has any news, gossip, hero or Villain please pass it on.
Look forward to seeing you on Sunday.
TEL: 01208 872347
E-MAIL Bumpstart@btinternet.com
SALES salenwants@bumpstartmc.co.uk
Next Meeting 2nd October 2002 at Rock Inn, Roche