October/November 2002
Well itís got to you and on time just! And further down the page itís actually got something worth reading.  Itís worth reading because I didnít write it.  A new mini member who is hoping to be at the next meeting called Anthony did.  Yes this is another Anthony that makes 2 as well as 2 Andrews, 4 Chrisís and 3 Nicks although one is actually a Nikki so Iím really sorry if I appear confused and call someone something else.

But as usual itís straight onto my dribble first.
Treasure Hunt
I donít like taking part in treasure hunts and those of you that came to the last one will know why.  I always arrive last and get the fewest points.
But I did enjoy this one.  Andrew Cleaves organised the clues (despite being really ill) some were easily fallen upon and some you even had to knock on peoples doors to get.  This one involved getting the autograph of a person living in the village, unfortunately everyone knocked on the same door and the more people that knocked the blacker the look from the owner.  The shop keepers in the villages were very wary after the first few requests for lollies and if not a lolly just the wrapper (Treasure) if nothing else people remember us because of strange requests or bad parking when weíve found a clue.  (Tamsyn, right across 2 junctions in front of a clock tower).  All the answers then had to be entered on a wordsearch grid.
The Treasure Hunt finished at Roughtor where we had yet another BBQ.  The winner was finally decided by a tiebreaker between Theresa and Husband and Tamsyn and Chris with Theresa winning the Trophy.  The weather was good and the day was great fun.
Castle Coombe.
Isnít it funny how things get out of hand? You know, start washing the Mini and you end up doing a full engine rebuild front suspension squeak ends up in a full front end running gear rebuild, which was just completed in time for the MiniWorld action day at Castle Coombe! What a coincidence!!!
We set off from Camborne in our own little convoy, myself in BOY 424Y (black trackday car, yellow cage, etc, etc) and my friends Martin and Kate in his 60`s custom roofchop Mini (watch Miniworld for further details and feature!) The journey took about 4 hours (including coffee breaks!) and neither of the Minis used a drop of oil or water! (Thereís a first time for everything!) As we parked up in the Travelodge car park a flock of interested people made a bee line for the cars, flattering but was hard work due to the fact that I was all but deaf, suppose thatís what happens when you travel for 4 hours in
A stripped out, go faster Mini!!!
Up bright and early next morning (well early anyway, lack of sleep due to Marts snoring!) The Minis fired up first time and we were at the track in a few minutes. Parked up and had a well-earned brew, then it was down for the drivers brief. Luckily the instructor had a sense of humour and managed to
Put all us nervous wrecks all at ease! Brief completed its time to don the helmet and queue for some track time, no backing out now, Mart was looking quite nervous in the passenger seat holding the video camera with a shaky hand!  Sitting in the queue was quite nerve wracking but as soon as the lights went
Green and we hit the track all the nerves disappeared. We overtook a few cars down the straight into Quarry corner, 3rd gear right hander, tyres squealing all the way, huge grins on faces! Carry on through Farm straight and through the Esses, no problems, this racing lark is easy! I spoke too
Soon, it suddenly dawned on me that I now had no idea where the track was going, so I let a Cooper pass and followed him, great idea! We tuck up behind him and power down "Hammerdown" straight, into "Tower corner", 3rd gear right hander, 65mph. Laughing all the way! Out of the corner and the
Foot goes down "nice long straight here mart, lets see what she can do"! Famous last words! The "nice long straight" was one of those funny ones with a nasty dogleg turn halfway down. Suddenly the cooper that we are following shoots right, over the apex. Were going straight. I look at Mart. Mart looks at me. Panic. Too late to break, so we throw the car sideways to try and lose some speed and make a "do it or die" attempt to make the corner, somehow we make it, take off over the apex and fight the car round the left hander that follows it, car skipping all over the place! Visions of upside down Minis and hospital beds disappear and we both look at each other and burst out laughing! (With retrospect it was probably a nervous laugh!)
We complete the rest of the session without incident and seem to be getting faster; well it felt fast in the car!
Once we were off the track it was time to have a mooch around and see what was happening in the various club stands and static displays. There were lots of clubs visiting and everyone seemed to be having a good time on or off the track. There was the usual high standard of well-prepared Minis on
Show and some truly beautiful race prepped examples on display. Some mad woman was even letting you write all over her Mini for charity, some of the comments would have to be seen to be believed! Good on her though, looks like she raised a few quid for a worthy cause.
The weather was kind to us, the sun was shining all day and there was a real relaxed atmosphere, people were soaking up the sun and the Minis in equal measure. A very good way to spend a Saturday!
If you have never been to the Miniworld Action Day, it is well worth going next year, even if you donít fancy going round the track (chicken!) its a very good day out with lots to see and do, thoroughly recommend it!
Just one word of warning, if you leave the circuit and you are low on petrol, fill up at the petrol station outside the track as they are few and far between, the next one being in Bristol. (As Mart found out to his cost.... say no more mate!)
See you all soon drive safely!
Anthony Tilling

Viva la France
Saturday the 12th saw the annual pilgrimage to Brittany for Bumpstart.  We arrived at the ferry in plenty of time and had a superb mirror flat crossing, arriving to find Alex had been waiting for ages.
I grovelled our apologies, handed out routes and off we set.  The first part of the route followed last years alongside of the river and through Morlaix.  This part of the route wasnít actually marked on our planner so none of us knew that the road layout had changed.  The locals just stared and scratched their heads when they saw a long line of minis parked on the side of the road with the drivers of the said cars waving arms at road signs trying to decipher which way to go with the aid of an out of date map.  Good job Alex knew roughly in which direction to go. 
Pleyber Christ Super market was eventually found and we all stocked on the usual continental delights not normally found over here. (Crisps, bread biscuits, cheese etc).  We then took Normanís lead on to Pleyben when we stopped again this time to try out a bar.    Yet again we thought we throw our tastebuds into turmoil by trying some continental beverages.  (Half of us ordered coffee and the other half coke).
Feeling suitably refreshed we then made a left towards Daoulas to visit an abbey.  Alex again excelled himself by negotiating a reduced entrance fee for us all.  The Abbey was hosting a big display of art, wooden art, actually I think it was meant to be very modern wooden art, but myself, being the intellectual you all know I am was more impressed by the pile of cut logs outside (at least these would be useful).  The medicine garden was very interesting as well; just about any plant can be used for medicine.  For example foxglove, you could be suffering from a bad heart, eat foxglove and your bad heart wouldnít be a problem.
A photo shoot followed the visit around the abbey, this involved all the minis being reversed up a cobbled one way street, moving all the no parking signs and all standing in front of my mini (why my mini) while poor Fiona took photos for everyone.
After leaving the abbey we turned left on to the road for Landivisiau unfortunately for the startled French Peugeot driver we turned left out of the abbey and stayed on the left hand side of the road.  It was quite funny really looking back.
At Landivisieau we met up with Christian and his mini.  It goes like a rocket being a 1360cc, looks a treat with its full cream leather interior and he has managed to find a lot of unique parts.  
Next it was on to another quick photo shoot with one of our newest members, a Sherman tank, well it has been known that a certain other mini club has said weíll have anything, well its true and we have the pictures to prove it.
Next onto the wine bin who actually open the bottles for you to try before you buy, so I did, several in fact.
By 4.00pm we were heading back to the port.  Throughout the day the weather had been a little wet and windy at times but not many of us had noticed how windy it had actually got.  The flat Mirror Sea had now turned to a frothy grey Jacuzzi.  So after saying au revoir to Alex and Christian we went on to board the huge ship that would easily skim across the top of the waves. (At least I hoped so)
We should have known something was up when an announcement was made telling drivers to make sure car alarms were switched off.
Impressive and Yuk spring to mind when I think of our return part of the trip.  Malc thinks itís a good idea NOT to go into detail here butÖ At first you think this isnít to bad, and itís quite fun to watch Chrisís lager hit the deck still in its glass, two miles out and you think if it doesnít get any worse it will be OK.  Five miles out and youíd better have something to eat because if you donít itís going to hurt.  Six miles out and you want to get off.  Ten miles out and the swell are as big as a bungalow.  Eleven miles out and itís a good job you did have something to eat.  Twelve miles out and the only people still standing are the staff and the lorry drivers.
I think everyone was relieved when the journey ended and downstairs didnít resemble combellecks yard quick race back to Cornwall ensued taking in a near incident with a jeep and caravan on the Tamar Bridge.  Malc and Theresa put them in their place.  24 hours later when weíd found our land legs and it didnít seem half as bad.  Well heres to next year.  Thank you to Norman and Alex who did excellent jobs at keeping us on track and time.

Hide and Seek
It has to be done.  Youíve seen the advert for the Corsa on TV.  Now itís our turn.
Sunday 17th November is the date.  For this game you will need to register before hand so please meet for 11.30 am. We meet at the BP garage Fowey (very easy to find).  Fowey has been chosen because boundaries are easily sorted.
The rules so far are as follows
1. No opening or closing of gateways or doors.
2. You must be able to be seen from the road.
3. The seeker is the one that draws the shortest straw.
4. Once found you follow the seeker looking for other minis.
5. Camouflage is allowed but numberplates must still be visible.  At the moment only one game is planned because we have no idea whether it will work and how long it will take.   All the same it should be good fun. 
Trophies are up for grabs.  And afterwards there will be yet another BBQ, (regardless of the weather) to be held at ours just bring your burgers or bangers etc.
Shepton Mallet 1st December 2002
This is an advance warning to save any pennies.  This show left us a little gobsmacked at the array of stalls and parts available for minis the first time we went.  Unfortunately you are fleeced at the door on an entrance fee of around £6, but well well worth the trip.  Please meet at Bodmin ASDA at 8.am as it takes a couple of hours to get there.  If you are definitely going please let me know before hand. 
Tower to Tower
This event is not until next May but you may want to consider it now, those of you that receive your newsletter by email will be sent the web site details to nose at and those that receive it by snail mail can see the details at the next meeting.   It sounds like a good adventure and good value for money.
Xmas bash
It was suggested that for this Christmas we tried something different like a murder mystery evening.  I have somewhere that will do it for us, although it will be after Christmas in early January.  The down side is the cost at £20  per head but this does include a buffet and the entertainment for a whole evening.  Please let me know what you think, if it sounds alright I need to know how many would be interested and at the December meeting it will need paying for.
Next meeting
Wednesday 6th November (yes I know, lots of warning again) at 8.pm usual place.

Thatís all for now because Iím running out of space.

Look forward to seeing you soon
Tel: 01208872347