Bumpstart Mini Club

January 2003

Dear Members
I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and I wish you all well for 2003.
After all the stuffing, unwrapping and other indulcancaces we are forced to endure during the festive season it must be nice to return to reality!!!
No, well in that case let me give you a list of the assortment of events planned for this year for yourselves and your minis.
January 19th 2003 Bumpstart Cheapskate Run.  Meet at Mac Donaldís Fraddon at 10.30am for a run to various attractions in Cornwall whose entrance fees are FREE.
We have also invited Maverick Minis but to date I havenít heard back from them yet.
February 1st 2003 Bumpstart Christmas Party.  Taking place at Carminnow Barn. Near Lostwithiel.  A Murder Mystery Evening.  This promises to be great fun and includes entertainment and buffet @ £20 per person.  Some monies have been paid but anyone else who would like to come along payments are needed now.
May 2003 Riviera Run.  This annual event takes place in Newquay where most of us camp for the weekend.
June 2003.  A weekends camping on Dartmoor.  This will have a theme, which hasnít as yet been decided upon and will include lots of eating and also the occasional drive around the moors.
July 2003. Wheels at Wadebridge, on the showground.  The entry to this is free.
Lots of other things are also planned including maybe a DynoRun, Hide and Seek, Treasure hunt and some more runs.  In the last few months we have had several new members join and have a huge variety of minis to show off making for more fun and inconvenience to other road users, just the way we like it.
Hide and Seek
This took place in Fowey on the 17th November 2002.
Based very loosely on the Corsa advert, our rules were you should be able to be seen from the road, meaning no opening and closing of gates or doors.  If you were disguised your numberplates should still be shown.
Firstly we had to meet at the BP garage in Fowey; this was the first seeking problem as the BP Garage was actually now a Texaco Garage. 
Straws were drawn, and I had to be the seeker. Twenty minutes was allowed for hiding.
Although I can find my way in and out of Fowey I donít know the area very well, and having driven around the first housing estate and not finding anyone I was debating on whether to return to the garage and just wait there for the 2 hours allocated for seeking.  I didnít though and eventually after finding myself in a small industrial estate I didnít know existed I found Robert and slapped a BUSTED sticker on his mini.  Shortly after I found Chris and then George and slapped a sticker on them aswell.
The idea after you have been found is to tag on the back of the convoy, Fowey is made up of lots of Cul-de Sacs and the looks we got with all the minis stuck in one of this with only a small turning place was very funny.
I then found Damien, Malc and Anthony.  That still left 2 more minis.
Eventually Tamsyn was found, up lane, a very muddy lane, one with big potholes and large puddles (glad I washed the car) and no passing places, this is where Malc decided to breakdown.
This left only Theresa to find.  By now I thought Iíd covered the whole of Fowey and had no idea where to look.  With 7 minis now on my tail I went down Dead Ends and the hospital carpark and around the back of garages, just as I thought I have to do the whole of Fowey again I shot passed a turning, caught something out of the corner of my eye, stopped a bit suddenly and found Robert nearly parked in my boot, but there  was Theresa parked very neatly in someoneís drive way.
Everyone was found in 1 hour and 35 minutes.  After another drive around Fowey it was back for a BBQ and prize giving.
Theresa won for being the last found and Anthony for best hidden.
I almost forgot to mention Robert.  He was pulled and told off by the Police while we were in Fowey.  Have you cleaned your numberplates yet Rob?
The main thing about Hide and Seek is it does work and is good fun.
Shepton Mallett
After meeting in Bodmin and deciding on Norman leading (Norman was towing a trailer, and we stupidly thought he would be the slower mini and we would keep to his speed) We SHOT off in the direction of Shepton Mallett for the usual array of accessories displayed at this indoor Christmas Show.
We arrived at Cullumpton Services in record speed to meet up with one of our newest Members, Steve from North Devon.  Hello Steve!
After breakfast we made our way to the show. 
There is something for everyone at this show, trade stands, minis, competions (Fiona won most these) Father Christmas was there with his helpers although he didnít look quite right sat in his grotto having a cigarette.
Loads of money was spent and everyone came away with something to make their minis look prettier or go faster (except me, who despite hinting at everything I liked in a very subtle way still didnít get anything, cheers Malc!)
After the show we called in on Fionas sister who happens to run a Pub just down the road.  During refreshments we had several thoughts on this show.
The first being, why canít they hold it closer to the Cornwall, maybe in Exeter.  We have been twice now and itís a long way, it costs loads to get there and as a group we always spend loads.  OK just the one thought then, but at least we did have a thought.  Hope youíre reading this mini shows organisers.
The weather on the way back was disgusting and the traffic was terrible, but still this didnít seem to slow anyone up.  Next time Iíll lead.  No, Iím only joking weíd probably never get there.
Murder Mystery Christmas Party
If anyone else would like to join us, please could we have payment at the next meeting.  After this date the advert goes public and we canít guarantee seats.  Please could everyone going wear Bumpstart T-shirtís as Royal Embroidery need a photo from us for a brochure that they are producing.
Montys and Scruffs are also welcome to join us at no extra charge.
The Next Meeting
The next meeting was not on the first Wednesday of the month as this was New Years Day so this month it is now on the Second Wednesday of the month which is the 8th of January 2003.  Thatís this Wednesday!
Anyone that ordered Montys and Scruffs, they are now here and looking forward to joining you in their new homes.
I look forward to seeing all soon.

WEB SITE www.bumpstartmc.co.uk