Please note the cheerful type heading.  I thought Iíd use this one as this is to be a cheerful newsletter, thereíll be no villains, no moaning and no bitching (probably very boring, but cheerful)
Also instead of hitting you straight away with the hardcore, hard going info Iíd have a news in brief section first, soÖ
News in brief
Congratulations to Theresa and Graham who, after my misleading you in the Christmas Newsletter by announcing that they were husband and wife, have decided to make it easier for me by getting married in April.  Husband is easier to spell than partner thank you.  All the very best to them for a long and happy future together.
Congratulations also to Sharon and Chris for finally liberating Chrisís pick up from the garage where it had been in situ since last May.
And also to Terry who had started respraying his mini when we spoke a couple of weeks ago.  His deadline for finishing his project is March 1st and we look forward to seeing it finished.
OK so not so brief but still cheerful.
Cheapskate Run
The idea of this run was to not pay parking or entrance fees to certain attractions.  There is a saying before I tell you more; You Get What You Pay For.   Need I say too much else?  Well I will because Iím typing this and nobody is here to stop me.
After leaving Fraddon we first headed for Newquay Pearl.  Parking was free and so was entrance, good job too.  Not too many visitors, no queues and toilets were rated 9/10.
Next on to the Gold Centre where we met up with another new member Daniel (HELLO DANIEL). Again parking and entrance was free. This was a little more interesting due to the 007 car and the Mini commissioned by the Beatles for Penny Lane. There was lots of money and gold bars on display but the display cabinets wouldnít break, and we did try. Toilets rating 8/10.
We then headed for Falmouth to all new, all-important and very exciting Maritime Museum, not.
Entrance was free, but to avoid parking fees we parked near the station and walked.
Inside was dark with lots of boats, big boats, little boats, wooden boats, rubber boats and more boats.  I personally thought the best sighting was of the burnt jetty and the crashed crane only to be seen if you went up the hundreds of steps to the tower.  Toilet rating 5/10.
All this excitement was followed up with a nice steady cruise back to Fraddon where we were forced to eat burgers and fries.
On the whole the weather was kind and the scenery good and a run that probably wonít include these attractions again for a long while.
Christmas party
This took the theme of a murder mystery.  At £20 per head some felt that this was a little over-priced.
We all met at Carminnow Barn NR Lostwithiel and started the evening with a drink.  When we had been seated the actors were introduced and the story explained.  We were allowed to interrupt the actors and ask questions.  During the interval a very nice buffet was served.
After nosh we waited and then it happened, some one had been murdered.  Now that was a surprise.  We all viewed the scene and it was of no surprise that the man murdered was the man who had swindled lots of money from young ladies and had been slapped 3 times across the face in just that evening, and I mean slapped, you almost felt sorry for him.
The evening ended with us having to write down who we thought the murderer was and the winners put into a draw.  Most of us had guessed the right person except for Malc who still swears that the right answer was wrong.
This was a really good value for money evening, thoroughly enjoyable.  Thanks to Terry for coming up with the suggestion.
A Shock
Today I had to renew Malcís Car insurance.  After the usual questions I was asked if
I belonged to a Mini Club.  When I answered yes BUMPSTART MINI CLUB I was given a 15% automatic Discount.  After discussions I was told that any BUMPSTART MINI CLUB member who takes out a policy with this company will be entitled to the same discount with lots of other benefits including a free 30 day green card, track and show cover and much more.  They will give competitive quotes, and cover all modifications.  I have the name of the company and advisor and telephone number so for more details speak to me.
Iím not printing out details on the newsletter, as this is an offer for members of our club.
Not only that but Malc insurance went down by £30 on last years price with the same company. 
Forthcoming Events
This Sunday 23rd sees a Hide and Seek in the St.Breward area.  We meet at Asda Bodmin for 10.30 am. Rules are as follows
No opening or closing of Gates or Doors
If you camouflage your mini you must leave your numberplate visible
You must be able to be seen from the road
You must register before hand
You must stay within the boundaries set.
You must stay parked in the same place until found.
When found you must tag on behind the seeker mini.
The seeker will be picked on the day. 

From the starting point you will have 20mins to hide and the seeker will have max 2hours to find.  Take a newspaper etc to read and a packed lunch for after.
This is one of the cheapest events we do and very good fun Trophies up for grabs also.
Next Meeting
The next meeting will be on March 5th .8.00pm at the Rock Inn Roche.
Advance meeting of Aprils meeting, this will be held on the 8th April.  This is also the last meeting before Riviera Run in May.
Thatís about all everything for this none bitching but cheerful newsletter.  I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on Sunday.
Until then keep smiling, it makes people wonder what youíve been up to!!!
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