Because the last newsletter you received was sort of a memo I am going to treat you to a full-blown dose of typed diarrhoea.  Some of it will be informative, some may even be interesting, but most of it wonít.
Unfortunately two of our founder members Marylin and son-in-law Andrew have decided to take more of a backseat with the Mini Club.  Marilyn was our Treasurer and Andrew our second signatory for our massive club account.  I would like to thank them both for their help over the last 3 years particularly to Marylyn for keeping me on my toes.  They wonít disappear completely and will still be attending local events.  Thanks again.
I was given a hint of this happening and very informally discussed it with a couple of club members and had several names suggested (well one anyway) and at the last meeting Theresa was a little blown away when she was nominated and seconded without really knowing what was going on.  She did however agree to be our Treasurer and Tamsyn was elected as secretary and second signatory.  I think this should be a good combination and Iíd like to thank them for filling these vacancies.
More Changes
I would like to thank my toddler niece Jessica for relocating my mobile phone to the tumble dryer complete with wet washing, where it was dried to boiling point.  Unfortunately as well as having to buy a new Mobile I also have a new number Ė07947 297127.  Please make a note of this as I cannot find my number in my phone and there is no way Iíll ever remember it.

Last Hide and Seek  
Two things were discovered at the last hide and seek these being that St.Breward is too big an area and new members from Redruth should not draw the seeker straw.
Darren found only three minis in the set time and the trophy for last found had to be decided on by a tiebreaker.
When we do this again, an area which is compact with natural boundaries needs to be used.  Get thinking please.
New Members
Over the last couple of months we have had a large amount of new members and I would like to welcome them all.  I apologise now if I miss out any one and if I use the wrong names Daniel, Damien and Ellen, James and Laura, Darren and Maureen, Vanessa, Shaun and finally but not least Gavin.
Thank you for coming along and I hope you can come along and join in with some of the daft things we do.
The Last Run
Fifteen minis and one with a weight problem (Metro) met at Dobwalls under the fierce glare of the sun (not) and set off towards the Tamar Valley. Within five minutes the first casualty decided to turn for home (Mini with a weight problem).  So we set off again, in and under five minutes another casualty, (this time Shaun whose mini was getting just a little warm under the collar, he also set of for home) by now we weíre all feeling a little nervous.  I canít understand why, doesnít everyone have the utmost faith in our reliable minis? 
Continuing on our journey all was going well until the minis inadvertently got split up into two parties just outside Cotele. The first half had shot off towards Calstock and the rest off us managed to end up coming out off every junction at a crossroads until we were rescued.  Lunch was taken at the Roadford Reservoir before we headed back towards Camelford with the added guests of Mr and Mrs Oram (Tamsyns Parents driving Tamsyns mums mini).  We all went our separate ways at Camelford but not before everyone agreed it was a lovely run and well thought out.  Thank you to Tamsyn and Andrew for the hard work in the route planning.
Several more runs are planned for this year including Further West, Tin Run and Ghost Busters but if anyone would like to plan a route please feel free and let us know.
Even More Changes
Please check out the new features on our website created by our Webmaster Anthony.
Not only are almost all of your minis now featured on it we also have a new forum.
The forum replaces the page for sales and wants and covers all subjects take a look and maybe even leave some feedback for Anthony.
Riviera Run 
This weekend is the Mini World Weekend held at Trevelgue Newquay. Some minis arrive on Friday evening including some of us.  The cost for the weekends camping and entry to tradestands etc is £25 per person, payable at the reception.  Saturday, minis from all over the country arrive.  Sunday is the main day with the Show and Trade stands along with the run organised by Cornwall Mini Club. (There I said it.  I wonder if they could say our name) I think this cost around £6 last year for the day. On Monday morning there is usually another run although smaller and then most people pack up and go home.
As itís quite rare to actually have an event of this size on our doorstep we do treat it as a full get together.  Lots of members do camp and on one of the nights we do have a BBQ.  This year as most people if not camping will be going to the show and the run we decided to hold our BBQ on the Sunday Night.
To cover the costs of food and charcoal etc it will cost you £3 per person to include Burgers, hotdogs etc.  You will need to bring your own drinks.
I must have numbers for this, so an email or phone call only takes a few seconds.    Please, Please, Please, Please, please. Let me know if you are intending on joining us.
On the day of the show members who are not camping may have to park on the field next to the campsite.   
Also needed is some help with burning the burgers and cremating the bangers. If you fancy a go please do.
This should be a great weekend and the more that can join us the better.
I have ordered Bumpstart stickers for windscreens and www.s for those that asked.

3rd Birthday.
This year is our 3rd birthday and for this it was suggested that we visit Dartmoor. The date for this is14/15 June. So a weekends camping has been planed and the booking form needs to be filled in.
The campsite chosen is the River Dart Camping Site; we will only be charged rally rates which £8 per pitch all in.  They have full facilities and also take dogs for a small fee.
Birthday cake has been arranged and if you canít make the camping you may like to join us for a run on Dartmoor for the Sunday.
I also need the numbers for this over the weekend, as the site has to be confirmed and paid for next Tuesday 6th May.
I think thatís all youíre going to get for this month.  If Iím not careful you could become addicted to these newsletters and all the excitement and knowledge you get from them canít be good for your health.  I look forward to seeing as many as can make it this weekend.
I make no apologises if you have heard them before but
You know youíre a MINI owner when
You look under the bonnet and see
More Duct tape than hose
More electrical tape than wire
And more oil than metal.
And You always park facing downhill.
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