Bumpstart Mini Club
May 2003
News Letter
Being a club for minis, most members have a keen interest mainly in minis but not all of us.  We have a member who has something else on his mind other than minis, in fact it seems to almost of taken him over.  Now I wonít give his name to save him some dignity but he is eaten up with the thoughts of PATIO HEATERS.  
More about Chrisís fixation later in the newsletter.  Oops sorry Chris didnít mean to say Chris there.
For the sake of the 5 new members that have joined since the Riviera Run, I will now proceed in my usual very professional approach to our monthly newsletter.
There isnít any.
There is nothing brief in the newsletter, unless I canít remember it or, myself or the computer canít spell it.
Starting with Friday.
Putting up tents in a force 20 gale (only just an exaggeration) is not funny.  How Sharon managed to put the Hotel Bumpstart on her own I do not know. Even one of her flexible non-breaking fibreglass tent poles broke after the tent blew away.  Claire really struggled to put up her 2 smaller domes and my tent (now named Eden) landed on Claireís car, and was only pegged down upright thanks to Sharon, Claire and Terry.
Instead of the first port of call being the bar that afternoon it was the nearest camp shop for heavy-duty pegs.
10 tents pitched with us from our club with Darren and Maureen tucked cosily away in a caravan further along the site.
Saturday arrived with the pitter-patter of huge great seagullís feet on canvas and the pitter-patter of raindrops.  (Well it is summer)
The other minis from further afield arrived later in the afternoon.  For us tradition bad jokes, a little tipple of alcoholic beverages and the cremation (with the help of a bottle of paraffin) of a baby BMW mini was the order of entertainment that evening.
Sunday started with the trade stands and the main show.  3 of our memberís minis entered with the promise of many more entering next year.  Much money was also spent on wheels, tyres, lights and chrome.  We may not be able to afford to eat for a week but at least the minis have some new accessories.
Sunday afternoon was for the long awaited run around the Cornish Roads.
Allegedly a misprint typed by Trevelgue meant that after many visits around the St.Columb roundabout many minis turned back.  Followed by a major traffic jam in the first minor road on the set run meant that even more minis left for the campsite.  Very few minis (compared to the minis that started) actually did the run.  A real shame.  Check the forum on the Website for comments that have been made.
Our Annual BBQ was held that night with 45 members joining in.   A profit was made of £34 towards funds.  For those of you that like statistics we got through 86 burgers and baps, 72 sauages, 40 cheese slices, 2 packs of salad, 10lbs of new potatoes, 2 bags of rice, 3 whole sticks of garlic bread plus ketchup, relish butter and anything else I forgot.
Monday brought the packing up of very muddy, damp tents and bedding and a promise of weíll definitely do again in June
All in all a very good weekend with just a hint of pity that the Cornish Mini Club didnít check for typing errors on the run.  See you all next year same place, same time.
If you canít wait that longÖÖÖÖ
Our next run is this Sunday (24th May) Organised by Carl it has been named Coast to Coast.   We meet at Macdonaldís Fraddon to leave at 10.30am (this gives us time for breakfast there).  We then meet up with Carl and the others at Hayle at 11.00am (this gives us time for a snack) speaking of food you may wish to take a packed lunch.
Carl has never organised a run before.  He has promised us good sunny weather and stunning scenery.  It would be lovely if as many people as possible could come along and show your support.  There is more to organising a run that it seems.
We look forward to seeing you there.
During the weekend of the Riviera Run I received several apologises for the next meeting.  So I think most people were shocked to see just as many members as normal arrive, including a new member Laura from Gorran   (Hello Laura) with her mini JellyBean.
I announced that a profit of £34 had been made and suggested buying a couple of perpetual trophies.  At this point Chris Trew announced that instead of buying 2 trophies, which could be engraved after each time presented, he wanted the club to buy a Patio Heater.   I am not prejudiced towards Patio Heaters but we drive minis so how are we ever going to transport it.  Chris then said that this was a democratic club and we should take a vote.  Needless to say the Patio Heater won.  (Itís a wonder that Laura didnít leave).
As several members werenít at this months meeting I think we should hold another vote possibly with a short 2-minute debate.  Chris with the Patio Heater Fixation I am Challenging you to a debate where we have 2 minutes each to discover which is more important 2 lovely, shiny carefully engraved trophies which could be proudly displayed in any members home. Reflecting the sunrays and telling itís own tale of how it was won, or a Patio Heater, giving off Gas fumes and rusting quietly in a shed because we canít transport it.
I had an order for 11 shirts, this was sent off and as soon as they arrive Iíll let you know.  If any one else would like one as soon as you receive this let me know and Iíll try and tag it on this order.  They are £12 each and you can have any colour mini on it.
We have ten pitches booked and most spoken for.  If anyone would like to camp for the evening of 14th June let me know straight away.  The cost is £8 per pitch, dogs are allowed at £2 each.  If you donít want to camp or canít, several members are driving up to meet us on the Sunday where weíll have a run around Dartmoor.  Meeting place to be announced at the next meeting.
Fancy dress was decided against.  This was mainly due to the Harley Davidsons that also have a camping at the site that weekend.
Darren has offered to organise a run involving Tin Mines.
During the summer we will have the Ghost-Buster run.
July is the Wheels show.
October will be the French Trip.  Organise passports.
An Auto Test is also on the Agenda
That is all for this month.  We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible this Sunday. 
The next meeting is 4th June 2003. 
01208 872347