Not that  I’m gloating but, the Mini Club now has two rather nice trophies which will be up for  grabs in the next few weeks.  More about these later on in the newsletter.




A lift for this weekends camping is needed.  petrol costs to be paid and no luggage will need to be carried.  It will also the member’s birthday on Saturday and they really want to go.  Please ring me now if you can help.





Having met at Fraddon McDonalds for breakfast we set of to meet with others members at Hayle McDonalds where some had Brunch.   Carl had never organised a run before and was feeling a little nervous about what people would think.    Sticking to mainly lanes and small villages we went through places most of us never knew existed.  And the way Carl had organised the route meant the minis were kept together for 99% of the time.


We went up hill and down dale and stopped at Zennor for lunch.  25 minutes was allocated for this stop, so an hour later we set off.  (This was the fault of the egg mayonnaise)  Further up hill and deeper down dale we went, stopping briefly on the way for a photo shoot in Penzance and wondering what had happened to Andrew.  Next we caused chaos in Mousehole, and gradually headed back towards Hayle.


Just outside of Hayle the minis split into two groups.  One group being sensible and respectful of the minis shell and us others went off up a lane that Carl had previously happened upon.  Already knowing that the lane was a little rough in places, we set off with no worries because Carl had assured us that he had taken his mini along it.   This dear little farm track was made up of boulders the size of your hand and   dips as big as the Grand Canyon (well maybe not quite that big).  We made it up the first part and came to a closed gate.   With no phone signal we couldn’t get hold of anyone to ask if we could open the gate, so we did anyway.     More boulders ensued and then we came across what only could be described has a water filled quarry in the middle of the road (perhaps it could be described as a very large muddy puddle.)


We then having safely completed the off road section, headed back to the others who were by now feeding themselves on.Yes…more MaccyD’s


Carl had no worries because the route was very thoughtfully planned and the weather which he had promised us arrived and stayed all day.  A good time had by all.


Darren also became a complete member of the club that day by breaking down on the A30.  Welcome Darren..




At Aprils meeting we saw a new face belonging to Laura who came along with her mini Jelly Bean.  On the last run   Tina and David came along with us all the way from Plymouth.  Andrew from Hayle finally got to join us on the run as well.  At the last meeting we got to meet Sam and Mum, who having been a member for a while got the courage to come along, and finally Charlotte and Kelly who braved their first meeting along with Phil from Bodmin.  Welcome to you all and we hope to see lots of you.




As far as Chris is concerned that is enough said.  But as far as I’m concerned I haven’t even started so here goes.  I won the debate on the Patio heater and now we have two sparkly trophies. There that didn’t hurt too much Chris, did it?  I won’t gloat anymore. But I did have the edge.





This takes place this weekend at the River Dart Country Park.  Those of you that are camping are to meet at ASDA Bodmin to leave for 8.30 am and then we are off to Windy Ridge for Breakfast.  They are expecting us around 9.30am.  As no provisions are really being made food wise we thought a cooked breaky in the morning and Fish and Chips for the evening.  Breakfast prices at Windy Ridge start from 2.25.  Having fed our faces we then leave for the site. 


The Harley Davidson’s will be there and we have free entry to their Blues Band Evening in the Bar, if you wish.


On Sunday those of you that aren’t camping are still welcome to join us for a run around Dartmoor.  Please meet at ASDA Bodmin to leave for 9.30.  So far 5 or 6 minis are driving up that morning.   As I won’t be there that morning it is important that you be at Bodmin on time to leave.


The Directions for the site are


From Plymouth take the FIRST Ashburton turning from the A38 Devon Expressway and follow the brown tourist signs.

Mobile phone signals can be a bit dodgy so my number is 07947297127  Malcs is 07765516866 and failing that the campsites is 01364 652511.


Hopefully the weather will hold up and we’ll have a good weekend.  See you there.





This free entry show is held at the Royal Cornwall Showground and is a must in our calendar.  Not only does it raise a lot of money for charity but it also raises our profile. So even if you can’t make it you please send you mini.  If I haven’t already taken you name and reg for the group booking please let me have it this week. Times to be finalised at the next meeting.



The first of the Trophies can be won at this meeting.  A theme is usually decided on and a judge from another club decides on the winner.  This year the theme is a Coat of Arms for your Mini.  A coat of arms should be designed on a sheet of A4 and could represent the area of registration or name of your mini or anything else so long as it has something to do with your mini.





August is a very busy time for roads in Cornwall so a run may not be suitable.   Therefore we will hold a Treasure Hunt and the prize will be The Treasure Hunt Shield.  I will attempt to organise this as I am well known for being very poor at either following directions or finding clues.  At the next meeting we will decide on a date for this.


Finally, as I only had the computer running properly from Monday evening (thank you Andrew C) this newsletter is tending towards short and sweet therefore if I have forgotten anything or anyone let me know and I’ll put it in next months.  


See you at the weekend.




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