Like the weather for Wheels I’m feeling fairly fine at the moment because 5(yes I did say 5) members actually asked when they were going to receive this months Newsletter.  Granted they may have added because they  we’re going on holiday and could ignore it, or they we’re running short of  lighting paper for the bonfire or that they that could compare to daily junk mail received and then do their bit  by putting it out with the junk mail for recycling.  So for the 5 members who asked, here is the monthly verbal diarrhoea.



I am not the best on remembering names.  I do get there eventually, but if I have spelt, used alternatives like partner, or just plain forgot, I am really really sorry and I will put it right  in the next edition.*



Saturday the 14/6/03 saw lots of members off on our 3rd birthday trip to River Dart Country Park on Dartmoor.  Starting with breakfast at Windy Ridge (recommended) we steadily made our way towards the Tamar Bridge.  (I had meant to mention at Windy Ridge that a couple off us would like to take a steady run to Ashburton because off a dodgy radiator cap, sticking front brakes and one member whose mini was struggling to come to terms with the emissions test, but I forgot.) Once over the Bridge having forgotten to mention the above the A38 then suddenly changed into a test track for Formula 1.


Having made it safely to the campsite I checked in record time and we were shown to our pitches.  Having set up in record time we had nothing to do but sit and enjoy the blazing sun and listen to engines purring from the Harley Davidson’s club also camped.  The campsite (recommended) is superb, spotlessly clean and very green.  Some off us went for a swim and a few went for a walk. (Please note that I didn’t say through a school volley ball court)


Five o’clock saw us arrive on mass at the Red Mullet fish shop (also recommended) for our chip supper which was eaten by the River Dart.  Birthday cake then followed and I also received a cake from the Davies family complete with a mini clock and a photo on it of my mini taken somewhere in France on another of our trips.


Evening entertainment   continued with a little liquid refreshment and some light banter about BBQ smoke heading in our direction.  Some members then went along to watch the Blues Band perform by the bar.


The following morning Bacons rolls were served while packing away tents and then we set off to meet the other minis who had joined us that morning.


Lunch stop was at Morton Hampstead. And then a cruise across the hills and dales of Dartmoor with beautiful scenery and plenty off sunshine.  An ice-cream stop just outside Princetown became quite entertaining when we spotted a BMW mini on the car park complete with owner.  He should be by rights entered in the Heroes section of the newsletter as he let look under the bonnet, under and inside the car and took the ribbing well.  But as he purposely went out to buy a BMW he is now been entered under the Villains Section.  He did admit as well that when we arrived on mass he was just a little worried and had hidden in the ice-cream queue at first.  At least he realised there was a difference between BMW and ours.


We next trundled back to Tavistock before make our way home, sunburnt and exhausted.  This was an excellent weekend and you had to be there to understand most of what I’ve written.  Thanks to all who came along.

 By the way did anyone see any of the special lollies that the year 8s from the private school, also camping that weekend, managed to get their hands on.  What School you ask?  The one that complained in the Daily Mail about if they’d known the Harley Davidson’s and a Vintage Mini Rally were to be there then they would have cancelled.  Watch this spot for an update on replies from the relevant parties.  (Over to Chris)



* The last meeting saw another influx of new faces and this is where the apologies kick in.  Firstly welcome to both Mark and Paul (Brothers) and girlfriends. Next we met Allen and David Griffith who came along selling their wears as mini specialists in Hayle area.  As we speak Carls Red Automatic has gone to them for respray and we look forward to seeing the results.  Work untaken by them we attract a 15% discount for the club members.  Contact details can be obtained from………….Me.


A light grilling headed at ChrisTrew at whether he had anything to do with funny lollies on Dartmoor, resulted in him taking the newspaper home, and a promise to gain the results  of an investigation as to where, the school and daily mail obtained their incorrect information from.  We are not vintage, we are only 3 years old and we were not a rally.  A rally attracts 33 minis** (or more) not 10 minis and a motorbike.  Over the top but never mind.


Wheels** was discussed as was a possible trip back to France on 17th October.


A Treasure hunt date was decided on for the evening 13th August.


Caravan Bangers at Westworld was discussed. (See further down for more on this)


An invite for North Devon Mini Register Grand Tour was also given a mention.


The next meeting is 8’oclock Wednesday 6th August (10 days after Tamsyns Birthday and 7 days after Normans 44th birthday.



**WHEELS 2003

I’m not sure where to start on this.


This is 25 minutes later.


The weather-Excellent!  We couldn’t have asked for better, as it has been for the last 3 years.


Everyone looked very smart in club shirts and this stood out at the show.


The good turn out and presentation of member’s minis.  This more than stood out, it shone.  We have such a selection off minis between us and to the best off my knowledge (granted I haven’t got a lot) all of our minis are our everyday cars, much relied on (note I didn’t say reliable) and much cherished.


As a club at this show we were the biggest entrant and took a lot of attention from the both the public and organisers.  And in the last week have also received a lot of interest from other mini owners, public events organisers and companies looking to sell us their products.  We’ll see how this pans out in the next few months.


The one thing that makes us stand out as a club and has been proven is how friendly we are.

We have attracted some members from other clubs because, so long as they have numbers of vehicles on a stand, they don’t seem to care about the members.  We have already attracted 6 members from another club and on Sunday another couple who none of us knew had a mini spoke to me (I have witnesses) and commented that in the 15 minutes they had spent looking at our cars more people had spoken to them from BUMPSTART than in all the time they had attended another local clubs meetings and events.  Thank you to everyone for having this attitude towards others.  It does get noticed.


We, on the day had a total of 33 minis; this did include the 4 others who joined the club on the day, so hello to Emma (driving malcs old van) Anthony and Manaka (with the pick-up). Kevin and Sue with the green cooper. And not forgetting Steve (who brought the hornet from St.Stephens) and Peter (who I met and you didn’t).  3 mini owners have joined since.  6 other regulars couldn’t make it on the day.  We can now say we are the biggest and friendliest mini club in Cornwall.


5 member’s minis were shown in the main ring, making for some interesting remarks from the commentator.  I have only one thing to say about this, PRIMROSE.   I think he meant Solar Yellow.

I personally hate this part of Wheels because sometimes only 3 minis are allowed in the ring, sometimes 2 and sometimes 6.  The marshals ask me to decide which ones are to go to the main ring.

So with the help off a couple of members we try to pick minis that have not been in the ring before, they may be original, customised or just different, so if you weren’t chosen it’s nothing personal.


The results from the Coat of Arms are in and the “WHY HAVE I GOT THIS AWARD” Trophy will be awarded at the next meeting.


I hope you all enjoyed the day.  If you did there are a few shows that we attend throughout the year and you would welcome your company.



Some of us are regulars at Westworld raceway.  Some member’s race, some to spectate and some just go along to cause strife between drivers.  I’m not telling which category I come into.  But on Wednesday 30th July they are holding an event where cars and caravans get smashed, trashed or just obliterated.  The promoters have agreed to give BUMPSTART a special discount if you’d like to go along and watch the fun.  For each Bumpstart Mini turning up the driver gets in FREE.  The entrance fee would normally be 7-8. 


To take advantage of this offer you obviously must arrive in your mini and at the kiosk you must quote BUMPSTART MINI CLUB.  Racing starts at 7.00pm gates open from 5.00pm.  Take either seats or blanket to sit on.  When parked it may be worth removing valve caps. (Youth mini drivers collect them).  Head for the pit corner to watch.  This may not be the cleanest corner to watch from (not clean as in Dust) but it is the first corner the bangers come to when the green flag goes down.


I would like to thank Eddie, Val and Terry for sorting this.  An action packed evening guaranteed.



We have been invited here for a possible Annual Mini Show by North Devon Register.  For this its first year it will be very much trail and error.  The show starts at 10.00am and costs 1 to enter.  Everybody who arrives in a mini automatically is entered into Show and Shine.  The judges are the general public.  There is also an auto jumble.  (Dig out the unwanted spares).  A stand for the auto jumble is 5, but I thought we could club together, please phone me if you are interested.


This is an ideal spot for a show as the whole place is tarmac.  There are plenty of eating places, some good shops for bargains and very good toilet facilities.


A trophy for the largest convoy arriving is also up for grabs.  I thought we could give this show a go as a club.  If you would like to come along please meet at ASDA Bodmin ready to leave at 8.00am.  Other meet up stops can be arranged if you contact me.


North Devon Mini Register does a lot for Children’s Hospice South West.  At the next meeting subs will be collected to be donated for this worth while cause.


This should be a worthwhile event.  It’s is a nice drive.  It’s also a good excuse to pick up spares and sell off the surplus.  See you on Sunday.

Spot the mistake:-  No date for Atlantic Village. 
It is this Sunday the 27th July 2003. 
We will meet at Asda Bodmin at 8.00am
The show will start at 10.00am.  Itis only 1 to enter and all money will go to Children's Hospice South West. 
So if you can Please join us for a good day out. 
Sorry again
Jean Bumpstart Mini Club. 
P.s.  Thanks to Silvia for spotting the mistake. ( And a bigger thanks for reading the news letter.)




Arranged by me because I am useless as a participant.  This will be held on 13th August in the evening.  Start place and times to be decided by the next meeting.  But it will end with Chilli and Curry for those of you brave enough to try my cooking.  The tie-breaker will be the much awaited for Caption Competition.  And the prize is the BUMPSTART TREASURE HUNT TROPHY.  Thinks yourselves lucky, if Chris Trew had had his way ,you could have been storing a PATIO HEATER until the next hunt instead


Finally, traditionally, July and August are traditionally busy months for all sorts off events and I am very sorry to land so many off these on you. 





See you soon


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