Only twice that I can remember have I not sent out a monthly newsletter   in the three years that we’ve been around.  So this month, (and because you didn’t get one last month) I’ll reward your patience with not just one standard amount of rubbish but TWICE the usual amount. 

So before I begin you may wish to make up a flask and find a comfortable sit (I don’t mind if this is in the kitchen, sitting room or the smallest room in the house) but be warned it is not the shortest newsletter you’ve ever received.

Also if you read this newsletter quickly it may possibly sound a little more exciting than the one I read out part off belonging to another Mini Club last week.


Atlantic Village


We were invited along to this show by one off our dual members Steven from North Devon.  Although several other of our members also have close associations with the organisers North Devon Mini Register.  This show was to be a first held there, to see what the turn out would be.

The Organisers must have been delighted with the response.  Lots and lots of minis arrived including lots of BUMPSTART.

Although this year there was no actual trade stands there was plenty to be rummaged through in the auto jumble.  Terry Simmonds put a brave effort in the mini push which used model minis, and there were plenty of facilities for food and drink, and lots for the kids to do.  And all of this held on a hard site instead of a foot deep of grassy bog land.

With your £1 entry you were given a form to fill out your selection in various classes for which everyone’s mini had been automatically entered.  Ian (yellow customised) won favourite for mini on 13 wheels.  For this he was awarded a large shiny trophy.  But the biggest surprise of the day came when Cornwall Mini Club (I’ll say the rest quietly) walked away with the trophy for the biggest Convoy.  They have stated that this was unexpected, I’ll say!!  We did actually arrive with many more minis but as we arrived at the time stated we were asked to, the steward in charge of counting the convoys was otherwise engaged. 

But that doesn’t matter because at North Devon’s next Major Meeting the real winners (US) had one awarded for the real largest convoy and was duly collected by John and Anne Pengelly.

This show was in aid of Children’s Hospice South West and as an extra gesture, at July meeting any subs collected was also given in towards this good cause.  £24 was raised, thank you to everyone who gave.


 North Devon Mini Run.


Several members went along to this 2 day event and I asked some to write a small piece for the Newsletter.  Anne Penngelly in response trundled down to the internet café and sent us a report covering 2 sides A4.  (I have competion)   this is what she had to say.

All ready for an early start Sunday, Filled car with tea and sandwiches.  Gave Dave and Shirley a ring to check renovations to specially bought for event mini were complete and arrange meet up time at Kilkhampton.  Being newly acquired mini we both had tow ropes and toolboxes.

 Arrived at Bideford Park at 9.45am.  The atmosphere was electric, all different colours and types of mini everywhere.  We have an hour or so to look around and tie on ribbons and flags.  We meet up with Kevin and Sue Tucker and their Cooper.

Around 11.00am the Claxton’s and Colonel Bogeys start blowing and we set off to the sound of a piped band.  The streets are lined with people waving and cheering. About 50 motorbikes drive ahead and block of the traffic to roundabouts and junctions all the way to Hartland Quay.  This is where 250 minis park while the owners have a burger and pint.  After another hour we noisily make our way across country to Torrington to the Vintage and Steam Show, where in the main ring we are given our Brass Plagues and then escorted to the parking area.

 Here we spent the rest of the day before making our way to the B&B.  With no bikers it was hard to remeber to look left and right at junctions.

Camping facilities were available but at our age we need a good bed and a clean glass to put our teeth in.

 After breakfast we drive the 200yrds to the parking area where there are even more minis today. 320      including a woody from Holland.  Today (Monday 25th) was even noisier and the streets even more crowded.

We did a detour to Little Bridge House Children’s Hospice, the benefactor of the run. The kids had made their own flags. By the looks on their faces we really made their day and put meaning into ours.

Next onto Lynton and down to Rocky Valley for a picnic and chat and then a brilliant run into Illfracombe to be met by the Lord Major.  The afternoon was spent with prize giving and raffle.

The first cup was to a club from CORNWALL, Yes BUMPSTART. For the biggest convoy to Atlantic Village.

The ages ranged from a 2 week old baby girl to an 83 year old mini owner.  The sub total raised at 4.30pm was over £10,000 with more to be collected.  By the way thank you for the donation from Bumpstart.

Fish and Chips in Barnstaple before heading home Wadebridge, can’t wait till next year.  A fantastic weekend.

 John and Anne Pengelly

Thank you for doing a write up.  If anyone goes anywhere of interest please send some details, we do like to know what we’ve missed.


Caravan Bangers

A special offer was offered to the club by the promoters Eddie and Val.  Lots of us took them up on their kind offer and thoroughly enjoyed the evening.  A letter of thanks has been sent.


Treasure Hunt.

Not being very good at Treasure Hunts, I thought if I write it I can’t do it.  Malc set off first followed by several others at 5 minute intervals, I then got the phone call I was dreading.  Apparently I’d typed a wrong turning. (This can be very bad news, mentioning no names)  Malc then had to sit there until all the minis had passed.  As it happened it wasn’t wrong it was a misinterpretation of words and only 2 minis had taken the turning.

 The route I had chosen was picked for minis; I hadn’t taken into account those who had come along in other cars.  I wished I could have seen those other cars drivers’ faces when they saw the archway in LOSTWITHIEL.  

Chris and Sharon (mini van) had recently moved into a new home, and they promised us an invite to the house warming.  Because I hadn’t received an invite I thought we’d pay them a visit anyway.  Chris couldn’t quite understand how when they were one of the last to leave the car park they had arrived at the finish in front of some of the others without actually passing them on the road.  This was because, while everyone else was sticking labels on Chris and Sharon’s front room window, they been given a different copy of the route which bypassed that part.  They did take it in good heart though (I Hope) and have the labels in an album.

The overall winners were Tamsyn and Andrew by one point, closely followed by four others on 11 out of 12.  Well done, especially those who had never taken part in one before.


Last Meeting.


Several new faces braved the meeting and I would like to say hello to Dave and Shirley Pengelly, Will from Bodmin and Jenny from St.Austell.  Hopefully in the future sometime there may be an organised and structured meeting that was worth attending until then just enjoy a drink and chat. 

Several people have mentioned that we have outgrown the current meeting place.  Is it worth considering somewhere else, if so would they want us, also if anyone has suggestions would they first consider the following.  Is it a central location?  Is there enough parking.   And would it be free!!  Let me know of any ideas. 


Quiz Evening


Andrew and Chris are organising this event purely in the name of fun and just for the club.  I don’t have the details on the venue or date yet but it will be fairly soon.

I have though over heard an example of 2 of the questions.

  1. Name 3 of the seven dwarfs.
  2. Now name the other 4.

This hopefully will give you an insight as to what to expect.  It sounds like fun…


French Trip


Several people have asked about this and I can now tell you that the dates are sorted.

We have done this trip for the last two years and have had invaluable help from one of our Anglo-French member (I hope he knows he’s a member) Alex.   Alex you may have seen recently pictured in Mini World having organised Tower to Tower and raised over £30,000 for Breast Cancer Research.  Well done that man!   And I hope that he be able to meet up with us again this year along with Christian.

 To book for this trip you will need to phone ASAP Brittany Ferries on 08705 360 360.  Travelling from Plymouth to Roscoff on 18th October at 23.00 and returning 19th October at 16.30 with a mini.  The price I gave of £59.85 was for 2 people and a mini including reclining seats on the ferry (you have to have at least this on a night crossing) if you want cabins this will cost more.

 This years trip will involve a run  with a couple of stops and  ending with an hour or so in Roscoff before catching the ferry back to buy something to eat and stock up with duty frees.

Please don’t worry about the language differences some members have this sussed.  Bonjour means Hello.  A wave of the hand means I didn’t understand a word you said good-bye.  A waved middle finger whilst driving means – I didn’t mean to cut you up I’m just not used to driving on the wrong side of the road and a shrug of the shoulders means I either don’t understand you or I don’t care even if I do.  All the details for the trip will be at the next meeting.


Shires Family Adventure Park


I would like to say a big thank you to Damien and (Ellie for nagging him) for arranging this.

There is a Classic Car Display on Sunday 21st September at Shires Park, Wadebridge.  This costs £5 (either cash or cheque made to Cornwall Morris Minor Club) for a car, driver and 3 passengers for the day.  This great day out for all ages.  There are lots of rides and good facilities for picnics (take a packed lunch).  Some off the rides are water ones so you may want to take spare clothes.  We will be parked inside of the park. I only have 15 places booked so if you would like to go ring me now with details of Name, Address, Make and model of Vehicle, reg and year.

This will make a lovely end of season let you hair down show, please try and make it.


Heroes and Villains


We haven’t had this chapter in our newsletter for some time.  But we do unfortunately have a villain.  Anything under this heading must be fact and who gives the information must be willing to back it up. So the villain.

At the last meeting an upset Sam and Andrew from Par ask for anybody advice on a problem they have. 

Sam had ordered a specially designed dash for her pride and joy.  They had waited for 6 six weeks for delivery and paid £180.  When it arrived it had a run, hair and dust in the paint work.  Sam was very disappointed.  Andrew on behalf of Sam rung the supplier Dash of Colour (advertised in both mini mags) and complained.  Andrew was informed that there was nothing wrong with the paintwork and then for some reason the representative that Andrew was talking to pointed out that he had been in Security for x amount of years and if Andrew had a problem he was welcome to go and sort it.   

The advice given to Sam by the club was to speak to Trading Standards and ask for advice.  She has done this and returned with the relevant paper work and is now waiting for a reply.  They will keep us informed.




Firstly I would like to thank Devon and Cornwall Constabulary for stopping me on the way home and pointing out that my brakes lights are the wrong colour and one doesn’t work

Secondly I would like to thank all of you that gave suggestions on to how get my coded stereo to play again after I stupidly entered the wrong code for the 3rd time.

 There were some interesting suggestions which involved sledge hammers, pneumatic drills, steamrollers, freezers (which didn’t work) right down to phoning dealers and paying.  But in the end it didn’t cost anything and didn’t even drain my battery.  Thanks again.   


Wedded Bliss


Good luck and all our very best wishes go to Anthony and Manaka (mini-pickup) who are to be married this weekend in Bodmin.

You will be very pleased to hear that that’s about it for this newsletter.  Three things to remember are Book for France, Phone me about Shires and the next meeting Wedddnesday 1st October.

Look forward to seeing soon


Jean (with a little help from Malc)


Tel 01208 872347

Mob 07897 297127

Email bumpstart@btinternet.com