October 2003

Bonjour. (Just practising)


With only 60 shopping days (including Sundays) left until Christmas I thought it was about time to try and arrange something for our Christmas event.  In the past we have been bowling and attended a murder mystery evening, both of which everyone enjoyed.  Not being able to decide which to do this year it was decided to do bowling and a murder mystery evening.


Therefore our Pre-Christmas Party will be held at Ozzell Bowl on Friday 12th December.  Bowling at 7.30pm, eating at 8.45pm followed by another game afterwards.  The cost is £12 per head, and there are just a few places left.  So if you would like to join us please ring me by the evening of Friday 17th as this is when I have to confirm numbers by.


Our Post Christmas Party (murder mystery) will be held in January 2004.  No exact date yet but it will be held at Carminnow Barn again.  If you may interested in this please let me know as a guide to numbers.


Shepton Mallett


This is to be held on Sunday 14th December at…………Yes, Shepton Mallett.


Rumour has it that we have been offered a stand.  Depending on whether we have to pay or not decides on whether we have one.  Assuming that we do have a stand and we have never attempted a real one before does anyone have any ideas for a theme or better still know what is needed and what works best.


The show normally costs around £6 entrance fee, but it does exhibit lots of worthwhile trade stands.

In the past we have met ready to leave for 8.00am at Bodmin and then met up with Devon Members at Cullmpton for breakfast.  As this works, why fix something that isn’t broken, the same will happen this year.



Quiz Evening



This takes place on TUESDAY 4TH NOVEMBER AT 8.00PM.It is being held at The Victoria inn Roche in the conservatory.  (Thanks Nick)  There will not be a meeting for this month.


The evening will be split into two.  The first Ĺ hour being for our usual meeting and then launching into the Quiz.  With the questions being set by Andrew C and Chris T it promises to be very entertaining.


It will cost £1 per person to enter and teams consist of 2 people per team.  Prizes will be in the form of trophies (no wooden spoons).


Other trophies will be presented on this evening to various people for all sorts of reasons connected with things that have happened this year.  If anyone can think of someone who deserves an award for something connect with Bumpstart let me know so the appropriate can be ordered.




Last meeting


A chance phone call earlier in the in the day resulted in another new member braving her first meeting, (Hello ZoŽ).  Notes were handed out about the Quiz and the venue, this may be our new venue, so let me have some feedback after the quiz as to its suitability.


I read out some emails from a bone of contention of mine and I asked for help with this. This resulted in more than a few fibs being told, (all of which were swallowed) the results of which I will fill you in about at the next meeting.  Although I must admit it nearly backfired on me.


Next meeting


There is no meeting in November.  Quiz night instead.


Decembers Meeting


There isn’t a December meeting either, because of most venues Christmas commitments.  Bowling and Shepton Mallet instead.


The next Meeting after that.


Watch this space.  It will be held on the 1st Wednesday of the month still but we are not sure where yet.


Bumpstart In Brittany       


Everyone going to France this weekend may like to take the following items


Passport (You need one to travel)

Driving license

E111 (From Post office)

Insurance Paper

Travel Sickness Pills (this applies to Malc, Tamsyn and Norman especially)

Some Euros (only a small amount to cover cost of entry to Chateau? A drink and maybe something to eat.)

 Some more Euros if you are buying duty free etc.

May be something to eat if you don’t fancy ferry food (we may not find anywhere until early afternoon Sunday)



Compass (jean is planning the route.)

Map of Europe (Jean is planning the route)

A fuel tanker (Jean is planning the route) Yes Malc!! I know Jean can’t follow a map.


A full tank of petrol.  This is more than enough but we may not find a garage open.


Apart from the 2 minis that are meeting us on the other side of Torpoint ferry, please meet at The Highwayman, Dobwalls at 8.00pm on Saturday.  We should have left by 8.30pm and be at Torpoint 9-9.15pm.


Well that’s all there is for this month, and there won’t be another newsletter until December so enjoy the break.  Enjoy Halloween and Bonfire night and don’t forget Quiz night.


Au Revoir.




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Mobile 07947 297127

E-mail Bumpstart@btinternet.com