With all the New Year Resolutions thrown out the window and only 48 and a bit weeks until next Christmas, we have lots of events to cram in.




Organized events this year are to include Wheels, Riviera Run, Shires, Atlantic City, and Flambards (with the Duchy Capri Club). North Devon Mini Run, Lanlivery Vintage Rally and Murder Mystery.

Not yet organized events (but they will take place) are Bumpstart Birthday Party, Treasure Hunts, Car boot, Auto Test, Ghost Buster Run and anything else that someone suggests that sounds good.




30 members have so far put their names down for this evening which is to be held on 28th February 2004 at Carminnow Barn, near Lostwithiel. The cost is 20.00 per person to include a buffet. Money must be paid at the next meeting please, as this is a ticketed evening. Anyone else who would like to be included please telephone me on receipt of this newsletter.




Maybe this should read What Funds? Funds are very low at the moment due to a recent purchase of a magnificent flag (we don’t have a flag pole but we do have a flag), and Dues for the Website have been paid to our Webmaster Anthony.


But on the upside, after the last meeting and subs had been collected and some of the debts paid the balance in the account did go up by 83%. Very impressive. Thank you to all.


Funds in the club are used for Trophies, Banners, Flags and deposits. Fundraising for the club will take the from of a car boot sale and club organized events.




This desperately needs updating. Photos of member’s minis and event photos are urgently wanted. Funny or not, more info is needed. The site has a large number of hits and has attracted a lot of new members but it regularly needs updating to keep interest going. Also don’t forget the Forum on the site to advertise sales and wants.




Many of us are sporting BUMPSTART sign writing in the windscreen of our minis. 3 members have recently been failed on the MOT due to the signwrting. It may be worth asking whoever does your MOT on your mini if this is going to be a problem.




Just before Christmas last year a few members got together and got chatting about an idea that someone had to raise money for 2 good causes. One thing led to another and it ended with a small committee (formed at the last meeting) being formed solely for this event. The first meeting for this committee will be held on Friday 23rd January at the Lanlivery HQ, at 8.00pm.


For the time being the event will be kept under wraps from the rest of the world (non BUMPSTART members) until all the basics have been put into place. Updates will be given at the monthly meetings. Everyone’s help will be needed and gratefully received for the event. Watch this space as events unfold.


Confused? You’re not the only one! Don’t have any idea what I’m on about? Nor do I! Except to say it hopefully will be BIG and it will be GOOD and it will be held in June 2005. Yes it is that big.




Murder mystery numbers.

Website stuff.

Next meeting (if only to find out what I’m on about) February 4th Victoria Inn 8.00pm.

Committee meeting.


You will be pleased to hear that’s all for now, and I look forward to seeing you soon.




Tel 01208 872347

Mob 07947297127

E-mail Bumpstart@btinternet.com