The first part of the News letter may seem like a history lesson.  This is because you have only been receiving memos for the last couple of months.  Unfortunately for you I am over Riviera, our annual holiday, shingles, the heat wave and the most recent shock of my mini going straight through it's MOT, and with a new printer and plenty of paper to hand and am now going to blow your socks of with a exciting, thrilling and stimulating news letter.  Actually it will be mind numbing, Tedious and down right dull,but it will have forth coming dates included. 
Last Treasure Hunt
April 18th (Nick Birthday) came with lashings of rain, churchyard walks with long grass and a great deal of frustration involving a clue under a bridge.  Bonus points for extra treasure were also given.  One extra point was given for bringing back something useful.  These came in the form of toffees from Barry (useful for keeping children quiet.  Club checkbook from Theresa (useful because I needed it for Bookers), Dock leaves from several members (very useful) and a Condom from Tamsyn and Andrew (Which Tamsyn had to go and buy from Co-Op).
The overall winners were Theresa and Natasha who were presented with The BUMPSTART TREASURE HUNT SHIELD.
FUNNIEST MOMENT in the Treasure went to Tina.  Half way around I asked if she was enjoying herself so replied no! David is driving My mini, the dog has been sick in the back and because of the rain they had to have windows shut.
Due to this events popularity another one will be held shortly.  No-one in fact asked for another, so I'll organize it anyway.
We were incredibly lucky with the weather.  Those of us camping never really got wet.
Funniest Moment at Riviera was Chris showing the light to other campers, some were only to pleased to be shown the light, while others mooned. 
Sunday which is the main day was nice and warm.  Several members entered their minis in the show which seemed to be very full this year.
Some of us met David and Christine (new members) and few more potential members came and said hello.  We also met up with Sharon from Mid Cornwall Slammers who have welcomed us to any of their runs.
Our annual BBQ followed with myself and Chris attempting to cook, wearing silly chefs hats and refraining completely from alcohol to give an over all impression of professionals at work.  If we under catered at all I am Very,Very sorry.  Out of the 42 people expected 58 joined in.
Vital statistics were. 72 sausages and rolls, 80 burgers & baps, 7 kilos of new potatoes, 5 french sticks of garlic bread, 3 sticks of plain french bread. 5 packets of vegetable rice, 1 kilo of ceasar salad.
 Overall a very happy weekend and no threats of us being removed from the site, what an achievement. 
Unfortunately I couldn't be there for this show, but I understand from those that went it was very good.  Ian was very pleased when he found he had won a trophy for 3rd place in the best car pre 1990.   As a club maybe next year we might be a bit more organized.  There again probably not.
21 mini out of a possible 38 joined ranks for a very scenic run around the Gorran and Caerhays area.  This followed a landing on Caerhays beach for the shoot.
Many thanks go to Lawrence and is assistant for taking the photos.  Lawrence is a student at Plymouth Uni and will be using their facilities to produce the prints, depending on the availability of the labs and the universities opening times will depend on when the prints are ready.  This may not be for a little while but I will let you know as soon as they are.
The evening ended with a short meeting in the Llawnroc, Gorran, where we were able to welcome Kenny and Melanie from Orlando (as new members they will hopefully be arranging a get together and a run for us including transport at their home, in Orlando.  I thought this was a very nice gesture ,very generous.  (They also thought I was joking when I said everybody does this when they join.)
We were also able to congratulate Chris and Sharon on their announcement that they are to become parents. Congratulations again and we all wish you well.  This also means that unless Chris's hurries and gets his mini  on the road he will be sat in the back of the van with dogs.
This is to be held on July 11th at Wadebridge Show ground.  We will be meeting at Tescos Wadebridge at 9.30 ready to leave at 9.45am as we are supposed to be on site and displayed for 10.00am.
We have a Trophy called Why Have I Got This Award?  While we are at wheels this will be up for grabs.  We have had a theme for the last 3 years and it adds a bit of interest for the members and public alike. 
For this year you will need an A4 sheet of paper and on it you will need to right about why your mini has the name it does.  For example we borrowed a mini from a lady once who called hers Stormin Norman because she drove over all terrain, in all weathers including snow to feed her animals.  If you're too young to remember Stormin Norman ask your parents.
Please include at the bottom of the sheet your name and registration.  This will be judged by someone from outside of the club.  Your entry can be decorated/or not, typed /or not, funny/or not.  please allow for your entry to be hung on the inside, passenger side off you windscreen.(If you have one.)
This is classed as one of our main shows because it is local, and it would be great if as many of you as possible could come along.  If you can't make it just send the mini.  I have received the tickets for those who filled in forms at the meeting.  Don't worry if you haven't filled in the form you will be welcome any way.
25th July 2004
This is a very pleasant drive and show at Atlantic Village, Bideford.
In aid of the Childrens Hospice South West it is also for a very good cause.  They had a superb turnout last year. The winners of the show are decided by other members which is a good idea.  This is also a child friendly event as you have them penned in the adventure playground for the day while you suss out bargains inside, including the Cadbury Shop.  There are good toilet and food facilities and the show is on hard ground and not grass/mud.  There is also a Trophy for the largest club convoy which we did actually win last year but a mistake was made and we had to wait until August last year to officially receive it.
Meet at ASDA Bodmin at 7.45am for 8.00am lift off.
This event is run by the Cornwall Morris Minor Club and this year is their 25th anniversary.
It is to be held on the 19th September and I have included a form as an attachment at the end of this newsletter.  you will need to print this off and fill it in and send of individually rather than a club postal as we may not all be at the same meeting.
There are 2 attachments one is the form and one is the info including prices.  Both print out well, even if they look  a little iffy on the attachment.
Those who went last year had a brilliant cheap and very funny day out.  It's also a great way to end the season.
Dan has now been discharged from the hospital and is awaiting his own pad.  this means theres a party coming up when he moves in.  He's been very brave and done very well,and I'm sure he will be just a frequent a visitor as he was before the accident.  Welcome home Dan and we'll see you soon.
For those of us who are providing transport and convoy for the Box/Warr family wedding on July 16th, find meeting details below.
For those this side of Dobwalls please meet at the Highway public car park at 12.15pm.  For those closer to Liskeard please meet at Lux Park for 12.40pm (lunch time). The wedding is at Lostwithiel at 2.00pm.
It has been requested that we wait until after the ceremony for photos with the wedding party.  We should be free to leave by 3.00pm.
Jeans and Mini Club T-shirts have been requested as the uniform for the day.
Barry, Tamsyn, Jenny, Mark, Paul, Jean and Malc, with Silvia as reserve are the names that I currently have.  If anyone else is free that day you will also be welcome to come along and join in the fun. 
Anthony, Barry and Paul have volunteered to provide the Offices Ball with the props for their rendition of the Italian Job.  I have spoken to the officer in charge and I waiting for final details before I give times.  But it will be in the evening of Friday 16th July.  
Rally Meeting date will be given out at the next meeting.  
Next meeting
As we are still homeless, a run will be the alternative.  Please meet at Fraddon Mac Donalds to leave at 7.30pm.  We will be stopping along the run for a watery beverage. this is 7th July (next week.)
That's about it for now, the finger tips or sore.
Tel 01208 872347
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