I have finally retrieved the computer from the children now that the ankle snappers are back at school, which means I can now update and deliver the mini club news.


Now if you are sitting comfortably then I shall begin……


 A long time ago in a land very nearby, a very organized group of very friendly people complete with their little minis met at Wadebridge.  They drove very sensibly to the showground for WHEELS 2004.  Here in the rain they very tidily parked their minis (always taking into account what the marshals were trying to say) then put up their very smart banner and flag, without once hitting a water pipe.  Some of the very friendly group of people then took shelter in the little minis from the little pitter patter of liquid sunshine.  Eventually the liquid sunshine changed into a bright glaring yellow thing high in the sky and changed the whole day into a great get together with the very friendly people with over 30 of their minis all shiny and sparkly.


Some of the very friendly people with their little minis had written about the little minis and the names that they had been given.  The results of this are to be given at the next meeting.


Some of the very friendly people spoke to another group of people with their minis and arranged that soon we would all get together and hold an event, maybe a treasure hunt.


Some of the friendly group of people entered their little minis and scamps into the parade lap and showed the differences and similarities in the minis family.


The event went very well and the glaring yellow thing high in the sky made the whole day go very well and they all lived happily ever after. 


Thank you to everyone who came along.  We had a superb turn out and a good catch up.


Funniest sight this year was Graham in the scamp with a see through umbrella.  After I had made a rudish comment on the brolly Silvia then informed me that the brolly was hers. Oops again.




We were honored to be asked to provide the transport for the wedding of Jane and Rick from Liskeard.


8 minis complete with ribbon transported Jane and her 4 girls from Liskeard to Lostwithiel Golf Club.  Unfortunately Dobwalls state of gridlock so we had to take a detour through lanes.  But we did get the bride to the alter on time.


Jane’s girls did not know that the transport was to be minis.  They thought their uncle who has a selection of larger cars was sorting it.  To see their faces when they came out of the house to be greeted with the minis was a real treat.


Jane, Rick and family generously provided us with a drinks and a lovely meal at the club which we had no idea about beforehand.  Not only that but we have since received lovely photos of the minis and wedding party along with a very generous cheque to go towards our charity event.


Mel who is Jane’s eldest had always liked minis, now has one of her own and we hope she will be able to join up with us soon.


It was lovely to be apart of their special day and wish them a long and happy life together.     



Atlantic Village.


This was another great turnout of minis.  We left Bodmin at 8ish and made our way to Kilhampton to meet up with Sam, Andrew, Tina and David.  We waited made phone calls and then waited and made phone calls only to find that Sam, Andrew, Tina and David were on a different road and were already there.


After we had penned the children in the play area there was a few stands to rummage through and competitions to be taken part in, and judging to do.


We were lucky enough to walk away with an armful of trophies (mainly by Ian (Squirrel) and another good day was had by all.


 Looe Run


As we were still homeless through the summer we asked Members to volunteer to organize runs ending with a drink somewhere.


Paul did the first one, which found us right in the heart of Polperro and driving through Looe through country lanes which we would not normally drive on.  We ended at Duloe Social Club who made us very welcome with a bar and BBQ.  The BBQ was for the Cricket club but that didn’t stop us.


Well done and thank you Paul



Clay Tor


Silvia planned the next run.  This was around clay country but very unfortunately the nights had started drawing in quite early and so we didn’t get to see some of the parts which look terrific in daylight.


!/2 of us took the wrong turning not long into the run and split the run in 2 which was quite fun.


We ended the evening at the Sawles Arms, Carthew who also made us very welcome and make very good coffee.


This run will be repeated (during daylight next time) so I will not say too much as you see for yourselves.


Thanks to Silvia and Dave and keep hold of this one.



Silverstone/Lanlivery Vintage Rally


This Sunday (12th Sept) sees the club split in 2. 


Firstly, some members are going to Silverstone for the 45th Anniversary.


There is a convoy going up together.  This will be leaving ASDA Bodmin at 9.00am on Saturday 11th.  Your contact for going up as a group is Barry.  It is very important that you telephone him before Saturday if you are going or they may leave without you. Barry’s Telephone number is 07980 450223 if you do have a problem contacting him please contact me.


I hope you all enjoy yourselves and don’t spend too much.


Secondly, for those of you not going to Silverstone we have the annual Lanlivery Vintage Rally.


This is a free day out and a chance for the minis to meet up and show off.  It is along the lines of wheels but with a lot more going on with stalls, displays, shooting, dog shows etc.


Several members have already filled in forms for this event, but I can get hold of more tickets providing you are going in minis.  Please let me know if you need tickets.


For this event we will be leaving ASDA Bodmin at 9.45am on the Sunday.


I look forward to seeing you there.


Moggys at Crealy


For those of you that have tickets for this show, we will be leaving Fraddon MacDonald’s at 10.00am on Sunday 19th September.  Last year this was great fun and an ending to the seasons shows.


It may be best if you take a picnic for this show as nourishment can be a little restricted.


We’re really looking forward to this one.  See you there.


Finally, as I’m typing this newsletter we are still homeless.  I have made a couple of phone calls and waiting to hear the results of them.  In the meantime it would be great if anyone can think of a place that has the room to take the club and would even like to take the club, without the expense of hiring a room.  It would need to be central for most members, easily found, and have on site parking and a bar, maybe even an option of food.    


That all for now.




Tele 01208 872347

Mob 07947297127

Email bumpstart@btinternet.com