Its just a little scary thinking back over the last year and realizing how quickly the time is flying by. Its only 53 days until Christmas, which means its only 60 days until we start a brand new year.  


This time of year is also a very interesting for minis. They are given new names by their owners when they refuse to start in the mornings because of damp, and we are comforted by the reassuring smell of WD40.  The de-mister on the heater can't keep up with the moisture on the windows so no one is allowed to breath inside their mini.  And best of all you can easily recognize fellow mini drivers by the graze on the knuckles from undoing the bottom hose to replace water with anti-freeze.


We all enjoy a bit of gossip and the feeling that I'm glad that happened to them and not me. Well this is what happened to former member of the club that we do still sometimes see.  I know that he won't mind this being brought up on a regular basis if you feel the need.


Imagine a nice warm summers day driving along in your open top rare fibre glass Lagerra Dutton.


When the engine gets a bit warm and you think you have developed a water leak.  I know, (you think) Lets call in at Malc and Jeans house, itís nearby and we can pretend to just drop in for a cuppa and blag some water while weíre there.


Once there, drinking a cuppa, the subject of water for the Dutton crops up.  Fine, water gotten, letís just put it in the radiator and clear off and get a proper cuppa.  All you have to do is open the bonnet.  Unfortunately you've never opened the bonnet before!  There is shiny disc on the bonnet with a key hole but you've never seen the key.  You bend the bonnet a little and you think you can see the catch, and you grab a nearby flat screwdriver and try to push the catch across.  This doesn't work so you almost break the key hole trying to turn the lock and this doesn't work either.  Neither does scratching your head, swearing or making up all sorts of excuses about why you don't think it will open.


Last resorts called for.  THE AA MAN.  He arrives and gets a variety of tools, none of which helps, he also scratches his head, having not seen many fibre glass Duttonís in all his years of loyal service.  Eventually brute force and ignorance over rule and with the bonnet lifted and bent to breaking point, it finally opens.  After the grand opening of which you are very proud of doing without too much damage, you notice a cable.  You trace the cable, only to find it is the bonnet release mechanism which is located beneath your dash board.  Ha Ha.  After all of that what about the water?  That was just excess being thrown out.     



The other situation that was a glad it wasn't me, happened at Lanlivery Vintage Rally this year.  This I won't be forgiven for, but it can't go with being mentioned.


Sean, a relatively new member had a fuel pipe problem with his mini the night before the rally.  He therefore decided to take his huge 4x4 SUV.  No problem there because most of us in deepest Cornwall have never seen an everyday vehicle that can carry 6/7 people in comfort and fit our minis in the trunk as well.


We had had a lot of rain the night before and having visited the site beforehand I knew the showground was very muddy and slippery.  Having warned all the mini drivers that if they get stuck in the mud stay there and we'll push or pull them onto the stand.  One by one the minis slowly slipped and slid through the mud and made their way to the stands and then came Sean.  Unfortunately he missed the changed from 2 wheel drive into 4 wheel drive and became logged in the mud.  He did very quickly become unstuck, but not before many of the others saw what had happened.  Sorry Sean but it had to be done.


Christmas 2004.


 It has been decided that we will have a meal at our meeting venue. 


The menu for Christmas is very varied and there should be something for everyone. The conservatory will happily hold 30 people and a booking has been made for the 4th December.  If you wish to join fellow club members for this drinking and eating too much session you will need to put your name and choice of menu (available at next meeting for inspection) on the list at the next  meeting.  You will also need to pay in advance.  We have negotiated the price down to business rate which will be £15.95 which covers 4 courses


Unfortunately we have all had to pay in advance because last year the club learnt a valuable lesson when it was fleeced.


Next Meeting.


The next meeting is on Sunday the 7th November at 7.00pm at the Victoria Inn, Roche.


Next Event


This will be a treasure hunt towards the end of November.  We will maybe inviting Cornish Mini Club to join us.  If we are to retain the Treasure hunt shield within our club we will need a good turn out of members to stand a good chance as they maybe good at these events.  Date to be discussed at the next meeting.  Email's and texts to be sent if you can't make the meeting.


I look forward to chats and drinks on Sunday if you can make it.




Tel 01208 872347

Mob 07947 297127.