March and April 2006


I have lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of news to put in this newsletter.  So much that I thought I had better put it in the news letter rather than leaving it until Sundays Meeting, because if I left it until then we would need to have B and B instead of a drink.


There have been lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of changes within the club over the last 12 months particularly over the last 8 months and even more over the last 4 months and equally as many over the last 2 months but I wonít go into them just yet.


I will eventually ,actually  , really and properly start writing the newsletter but I am slightly trying to put it of a little ,although I canít anymore really, but to start it I will have to go back to last Dec.




Our meal at the Victoria was well attended, with new member Lee joining us as well. Lovely food, good company and some of us are already looking forward to this yearís meal. 


Oh, and John and Dave Pengelly won the Treasure Hunt.




The purpose of this run was to have a nice setting for pictures for publication, promised to Dave Pengellys contacts at MINIWORLD.


We left Wadebridge at around 10am and drove a lot of the lovely coastal roads with the first stop being at Widemouth Bay, followed by a lovely lunch at Widemouth Manor.


Onwards and Upwards then to Hartland Point with Lundy Island in the background.  Most of the photos were taken here at this lovely spot, but it was very difficult to get all the minis in.  This for once was not down to our parking but due to the amount of minis.  


Thank you to Dave and John for organising the run and to Dave for sending and having the photos published in Marchís MINIWORLD.  







This run was going to be heading southwards but due to a slight misinterpretation of my route, or mainly because I told Andrew the name of where I wanted to go but not the area we blew away a few cobwebs with a nice short run up to and around Bradworthy. 


We stopped at the pub here for a really quick drink, really quick as this was one of those pubs where the locals stop and stare when anyone walks in.


Bradworhthy also has a village centre that draws you to it.  With its road network whichever turning you take it seems to draw you back to the village, this gave for some very funny looks from locals out for a walk or  in their gardens, as we passed through the village several times.  


Next it was onto the Lakes for another quick stop and a catch up, and then a nice little trundle home.


Thank you to Tamsyn and Andrew for showing us some of the places we would never visit and thank you to Tamsyn for VOLUNTEERING to go into pubs and check out space and menus on her own, youíre very brave.




Before you get to excited--------Two companies have approached us to just give us some money almost for nothing.


The first company are a search engine marketing company and for putting the link onto the website for them they are giving us a reasonable payment. The cheque is being made out to the club account.


The second Company is HIC which some of us know quite well. They do very good insurance quotes for drivers over 19 with standard or modified cars.  For any drivers who take out a policy with them but mention us, we will receive £10 per policy.  If anyoneís insurance is due for renewal please get a quote from HIC and mention us.  I have the numbers if you canít find it.




We have to very careful what is put in this section.  It has to be actual facts that happen to you personally and not hearsay. (Not the Group).


Therefore at the next meeting I be adding to the ever growing list of traders that have let members of the club down in some way just so that members are aware of any previous concerns with a trader or supplier and can then make up there own minds before using them.


But also in this section we can recommend for services that have impressed us.


And the first one this year is MINI SPARES at Potters Bar. Tel 01707 607700.  I ordered glass from them for Malcs mini after being miserably let down by another supplier, Mini Spares insisted on it being palletted for more protection.


The glass was delivered the following day as promised, and when it took out of the box later in the day everything seemed in order.  But later again when I went to put the glass in my car to take it to the body shop I noticed that the windscreen was quite flexible.  When I removed the glass from the bubble wrap it was broke.  I phoned MINI SPARES to ask for the courierís number to make a claim, they said they would check and phone back.


The outcome was that they had had lots of similar problems with glass and so would reimburse Malc.


This could have been quite a long problem with the couriers so we think MINI SPARES deserve a positive mention for this.




This Sunday sees the usual monthly meeting.  Hopefully another couple Jermaine and Mary from the RAF base will be able to join us,

If we didnít scare them of at Fraddon last month.



I love this time of year, loads of Easter eggs, roast lunches and cake for tea.  But Iím sure that there was something else this year also happening.


Oh Yes! I know, finally after 5 years of waiting we finally have a real live BUMPSTART MINI CLUB Wedding.

And just in case you didnít know, Sarah and Dan are tying the knot.


Some of the members are also guests, but even those that would just like to come along and join in with the minis from Fraddon to Headland Hotel, Newquay, in a wedding convoy would be most welcome and appreciated.


So, on Saturday 15th April please meet at Fraddon Mac Donaldís at 9.45am.  This will give us time to tie on ribbons and rude signs etc, and then drive the 1 minute to Geoff and Brenda House.  We have to leave the house (complete with Bride etc) by 11.00am.  This seems like an early start but time does run away and we have to think about traffic.


Hopefully the weather will be fine and kind, and weíll have some great photos.



29th April 2006

Trevelgue Holiday Park. £25pp.


I know that a lot of the members are very excited about this weekend.


Many of the club are camping from Friday and will be there fairly early on Friday. 


Check at the next meeting what time most are meeting.

As usual we will be having an annual BBQ on the Sunday night after the run; the cost will be £3 pp. This will include, burgers etc, and a raffle ticket but you will need to bring your own drink.  To join us for the BBQ I will need to have numbers, and this year we will be sticking to the numbers given s every year so far someone has had to miss part of the day trying to track down extra supplies.  One year we had an extra 17 people tell us on the day that were joining us.


The cooks this year have been selected and they are---------Andrew Cleaves and Dodge.  I suppose that I had better ask them now.


We look forward to seeing you there.





The winners of the last treasure hunt will be organising another for sometime in May.


Dave and John won the Treasure Hunt. There I said it twice now.  They beat me on one point.  So they got the trophy and the tin of biscuits that I wanted.  I hope you enjoyed them boys.  You deserved it really.  Well Done!


Thank you to Malc who organised the last hunt, it was well done and much enjoyed by those that took part.




Because of the longest day towards the end the month it was decided that we would do a run with a difference.


This run will start at midnight and will end somewhere for breakfast.


It should be quite exciting as in theory we could go to places that we couldnít normally because of the time.  The only thing with a run at this time of night is making a route with open toilets.  If anyone knows of toilets that are open 24hrs in Cornwall for definite then let me know for planning a route.  Likewise if you know of somewhere you think we should go on this run let me know.






Rob and Claire now have a Mini Sprite.


Sarah and Dan have a new addition estate/van with a single rear door. But they must change the rear filler!!!.


Jermaine and Mary with Sunkist.







Dave Pengellys Red Mini is all new and shining having had many panels replaced.  It also has a new engine and gearbox and it's very own water leak. (You thought we wouldnít know about that.)


Malcs Truck has had a lick of paint, to date I havenít seen it yet finished, but Iím sure it will look great.


Mine should hopefully be a finished as it will ever be by Riviera, it now just needs some paint in the boot and a little more put back on the door. (Sorry I couldnít resist it)




I canít think of anything for finally so hopefully weíll all get together on Sunday, 7.00pm in the Victoria.



01208 872347