It was only 60 days ago that we were setting up camp at Riviera. It was only 60 days ago that we were listening to the light, up beat tempo tinkling away in the back ground coming from Dodges car stereo.

Only 60 days ago Nick was doing his five fishes impression, but with rice.

And it was only 60 days ago that some members starting having nightmares about werewolves and hairy things creeping into their tents and caravans.

60 days ago also the club flag being stolen. This has never been returned but we have found a site on the web that will do us a very nice flag in a very different style from the last one. The art work is currently being decided on and then we’ll order.

Riviera saw a great weekend had by all with kind weather on the whole, rumours are rife this run maybe being moved to another site. Let us know if you here any.

I would like to thank everyone for making the weekend a fun one, and the cooks for their skills with the BBQ. Lee for providing some of us with a little teasing. My daughter, for staying sober all weekend, not. And everyone else I owe a thank you to.

/_45 DAYS AGO_/

/_ _/

With lovely sunny weather again some of us went on a run leaving from Fraddon and eventually ending at Talbot, Lostwithiel. Ice-creams at Lanhydrock and throwing Rolys and Stumpys toys in the river at Lerryn were a couple of the highlights. Throwing the toys wasn’t really funny for the dogs as the tide was coming in and some of the toys floated away before the dogs had a chance to reach them.

/_51 DAYS AGO_/

/_ _/

This was the date of our Last meeting at Victoria until at least September, Events that we would be attending were decided on and then ………

/_26 DAYS AGO _/

Not only did we change the venue to Malcs Marquee but also had to change the dates of some of the events and below now has the list so far

/_2^nd July 2006_//_ TREASURE HUNT_/. Meet ready to leave Wadebridge School at 2.00pm. This is the first Treasure Hunt organised by the hunts winners John and Dave. Both John and Dave are looking forward to showing of their organising skills for this event and I am very sure that you will be missing out on something special if you don’t take part.

Please bring writing implements. Other than staring from Wadebridge Anne and Shirley would like it known that they know nothing and have no part in it and are definitely in no way responsible for their mensfolks actions.

/_8^th /9^th July _//_MIDNIGHT_//_ RUN_/ Meet at BP Garage besides Little Chef on the A30 Ready to leave at Midnight. This run is off the cuff and not the peg. Loosely based on a costal run of Cornwall we hope to be high up to see the sunrise and we stopping for a picnic around then and we will also be stopping somewhere for breakfast (café).

After this we will be heading for


/_ _/

for the annual Rotary Club organised Vehicle Show. This is the main Classic Vehicle Show local to us and is important for the club if possible for as many of us as possible to be there. Although there is a run during the night before, anyone else wanting to join us please meet at Tesco Wadebridge to leave by 10.00am. We have to be in place on the show ground in good time, preferably with club shirts if possible. This is because our white ones look much nicer than the blue ones.

/_23^rd _//_JULY_//_ _//_ATLANTIC_//_ _//_VILLAGE_//__/

/_ _/

In aid of Children’s hospice South West, North Devon Mini Register organise this event AT Atlantic Village which has shopping, cafes, children’s play area, all on hard standing. They have daft games and trophies up for grabs which the mini owners chose the winners. Originally this was going to be a camping weekend but there are several carnivals and fayres on that Saturday and so this will now be a meet in the morning, at Bodmin ASDA ready to leave by 9.30am.

This should keep us going for a little while. A lot of events are during July because of members being away and other commitments during August.

North Devon have another event at the end of august (ask for details).

A show in the Torquay/Paignton is a possibility for normal minis of normal condition, with camping on a farm an option.

And finally for now an event at Brewers Fayre Bodmin is being orgainesed with Nick as one the helmsmen. Nick was very excited when telling us that there would be a bouncy castle and candy floss, brilliant, I hope there’s no kids.

For now that is all except to say, that, Mr Cleaves has spent ages sorting out my e-mailing problems,(Yep I was the Problem) so please could you acknowledge this newsletter upon receipt and I can update the address book

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday


01208 872347