It is rapidly coming around to the time of year where we get to behave like kids, playing car stereos loud with the windows down.  Glare at other drivers and owners of little people that come to close to the beloved mini.


Its summer and we can get away with it even though some of us do it year round anyway.


This is just a list to be going on with and there is an addition that was only arranged this week to be held on Sunday.


Sunday 1st April.    Meet at Malc and Jeans (01208 872347 for directions)  This is to be a leisurely jaunt including a ferry crossing leaving Fowey Cross by  We have to leave by this time to be able to fit in Lunch somewhere.  You might like to bring a few pennies.  Dave Pengelly is bumping the route; I just wonder why he would like to do one this Sunday Morning remembering the date.

After the run there should be time for a quick wash and brush up before meeting as usual at Victoria for meeting starting at 7.00pm.  As promised there will be a quiz of sorts.  2 people per team.  No mobile phones, dictionaries or encyclopaedias allowed.  Winner gets the trophy, loser gets …………I haven’t decided yet.  Quiz starts at 7.30pm.  There will be no late entries.  Let me know if this will be problem.


April 22nd.  Rover Enthusiasts


This is a run that we have actually been invited on by the Rover Club.  Leaving Bodmin and finishing at Lands End it costs a £1 per person.  A lunch at Lands End Hotel will be available at a cost of £10.  Contact for those not already registered is Adrian Elliott 01726 824442 and quote ‘drive it day’.  This is open to all classics and promises a good display.



Riviera Run 5th -7th May


So on Friday 4th some of us will be out at Travelogue marking our territory, plotting our strategy and completely wrecking the tents poles supplied that fitted last year and won’t this year.  (Some of us could even be driving home because they forgot them)


Don’t book pitches, pay when you arrive, then you avoid the booking fee.  Pay at reception on entry.  We will have our club BBq on Sunday afternoon after the main Run; this will cost the usual £3 per person including children. Weekend Show Programmes are in reception on desk and ask for your plaques while your mini is outside reception.  At the meeting we’ll sort the time and try and answer any questions for 1st timers, or 2nd timers or people like me that still don’t know.


This will be all for now as we had no electric today (thanks EDF) and I want to catch the post.


Hope you can make it Sunday.